Efforts of community making internship

Niseko Town Community Development Internship?

Niseko Town accepts university and graduate students from all over the country with the aim of "cooperating with various towns and people". The purpose is to obtain tips and information on community development from exchanges and exchanges of opinions with students and staff, related organizations, and residents, and to revitalize the local area. On the other hand, students can deepen their understanding of the real world through work experience.

Training program

In accordance with the voluntary theme, we will conduct voluntary training such as interview surveys. Other, agricultural experience, workplace experience, participation in regional events, tour of the public facilities in the town, etc. are scheduled.

A state of activity

Heisei 27

Radio meeting · Kota shrine festival


Agricultural experience / activity report meeting

Heisei 20

Welcoming international students · Radio appearance

Heisei 24

International exchange with primary school · Karita shrine festival

Receipt record (past 5 years)

  • Heisei 20-year Obihiro University of Agriculture and 1 person, Kwansei Gakuin University graduate school 1 person
  • Heisei 20-year Hokkaido University, 1 University of Tokyo graduate school
  • Heisei 20-year Ritsumeikan University, 1 Chiba University
  • Heisei 24 year Otaru University of Commerce 2, Ritsumeikan University 1, Wakayama University 1 person
  • Heisei 23, Sapporo International University 1 person, Ritsumeikan University 1 person

Acceptance method in FY2008

Acceptance condition

Number of students acceptedAbout five people
Receipt periodAugust 22 (Monday) to September 2 (Fri) Heisei 28
Training placeNiseko Town Hall and covers the entire town
Training time8: 30 - 17: 15
Holiday practiceNone (Partly, participation in town events)
Transportation expensesNone
hotelIn the case of the accommodation facility designated by the town, 3,500 yen per night (of which 1,500 yen is subsidized from the town)
交通手段As a general rule, please use the demand bus "Nikotto Bus" to move between the above inns and the government office (200 yen per ride). If you need to move for activities such as fieldwork, in principle, please use public transportation such as demand bus. There is also a subsidy for bicycle rental fees.
Training applicationApplication for training should be submitted with the following documents through professors etc.
(When applying through university)
[Application form]
(1) Internship Application Form (Request for University Professor)
(2) Pledge
(3) Pre-activity plan Note: It is necessary to join domestic travel accident insurance
You can arrange it here. 1,000 yen (2 weeks)
Acceptance agreementAfter applying for training, we will have an agreement on consultation with the university that dispatches the town and students. In addition, it does not apply when participating by teacher's recommendation.
Request for traineesI would like a person who has a clear theme and can actively engage in independent activities, a motivated person.
Pre-activity planAt the time of application for training, please submit the attached sheet "Preliminary Activity Plan (Niseko Town)".
Training programIn principle, training at Niseko Town is based on "thinking and acting on your own." However, to some extent, we will support your training activities, so please consult us.
(It may not be supported due to schedule etc.)
(1) Support for activity according to independent theme
1. Introduction and mediation of organizations and individuals in fields to be heard
2. Participation in meetings and meetings (due to schedule etc.)
3. Tours of public facilities etc. (Asobuku, compost center, final disposal site for garbage, sewage terminal treatment plant, road stations Niseko View Plaza, welfare-related facilities, etc.)
(2) Experience activities
1. Agricultural experience, workplace experience, etc.
(3) Other
1. Introduction and participation of regional events
Trainee assignment1. Learn about the general situation (town development) of Niseko Town in advance and start the training with awareness of problems.
2. Please submit the report within 2 weeks after the completion of the training. (A4: about 40 characters × 40 lines)
3. Wait for the submission of the report and evaluate it to the school (only when there is an application through the school).

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