Efforts to Revitalize Commercial Industries

Niseko Town, we support those who aim for a challenge and step-up in business! !
  • "I want to make a new shop"
  • "I want to borrow a vacant store"
  • "I'd like to expand my current store"
  • "I want to change business type of store"
We are doing some subsidies for construction costs.

Business name

Support business for Niseko Town entrepreneurs

Contents of grant

  • Within one third of direct construction cost (excluding fixtures and fixtures) required for building new building, remodeling, renovation of building
(Maximum amount of 1.5 million yen, however, the total of construction costs will exceed 600,000 yen.)

Business results to date

As of July 25, 2012
yearBusiness contentsnumberGrant amount
Heisei er 23Store extension11,500 thousand yen (restaurant)
2012 fiscal yearUtilize vacant stores11,477 thousand yen (real estate office)

Property information on empty stores etc.

There are three "vacant store information" in the city area.

Regarding details of the system and property information

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Commerce and Industry Tourism Division Commercial Workers Labor0136-44-21210136-44-3500

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