Activities of settlement assistants

What is a settlement assistant?

Niseko Town belongs to a mountainous area, and the industrial structure of the area is changing, such as the decline of commerce and industry, the degraded agricultural and forestry land, and the decrease in the number of farm households. There is.
Therefore, people who understand the actual situation and issues in the area through inspection activities in areas where the aging of the population is remarkable and actively promote the measures that are necessary for maintaining and revitalizing the area I am appointed as a member.

Duties of village support personnel

The settlement assistant will perform the following duties.
  1. Activities in line with the principles of the Niseko Town Basic Regulations of Community Development
  2. Regarding communication adjustment between townspeople and the administration, village and village
  3. Support system for village promotion, concerning support for making cooperation system
  4. Matters concerning support for measures to maintain and activate villages
  5. Support activities of regional cooperation troops
  6. Other matters deemed necessary by the town mayor concerning village support and revitalization of the area

Activities and personnel of village support personnel


  1. 農村環境の維持保全活動の支援 
  2. 地域の維持活性化対策の支援 

Recruitment of village support personnel

Please check the following page for Jobs & Volunteering.
* You may be recruited as "Recruitment of staff for fiscal year".

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