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What is My Number

My number is a 12 digit number assigned to everyone with a resident card. The administrative agency can check the personal information of the country and the municipality with my number, and it becomes possible to omit a part of the procedure at the window.

About notification card

  • The notification card is a paper card that informs me of my number. Your name, address, date of birth, sex, and My number will be on the face of the ticket.
  • Please keep it carefully as it will be necessary when describing my number in administrative procedures etc.
  • The initial delivery fee is free. The reissuing fee is 500 yen. Please note that it is lost.
  • The notification card is sent to your home with simple registered mail without transfer. Notification cards that could not be received due to the passage of the redelivery period, the use of mail transfer or forwarding services, etc. can be received at the window of the townspeople's life section of the office.
  • Please check with local residents office townsmen or living section to be preserved in advance.
  • For details on the notification card, please see the following page.

About personal number card (My number card)

  • Distribution of personal number card (My number card) has started from January, Heisei 28 by application of applicant.
  • The initial delivery fee is free. (The reissuance fee is 800 yen.)
  • On the personal number card face picture, name, address, date of birth, sex and expiration date are stated on the front side, My number is displayed on the back side.
  • The validity period of the personal number card is until the tenth birthday from the issue date to those who are 20 years old or older, until the fifth birthday for those under the age of 20.
  • The personal number card is a public document with a face photo and can be used as an identity card for identity verification and an e-Tax (National Tax Electronic Declaration) by using the electronic certificate mounted on the IC chip of the card We can do various electronic applications including tax payment system).
Note: Application for personal number card is optional.
  • For details on personal number card, please see the following page.

About digital signature certificate

  • It is a certificate which recorded that you are elected personally.
  • The fee for issuing an electronic certificate at the time of issuing the personal number card for the first time is free, but when re-issuing the electronic certificate by re-issuing the personal number card etc., the reissue fee will cost 200 yen.
  • The validity period is from the issuance date to the fifth birthday.
  • Even within the validity period, if there is a change in the address, name, etc., the digital certificate for signature will be automatically revoked.
  • It will not be issued to those under 15 years of age and those wed for adults. (To correspond to the seal)

About the user's electronic certificate

  • When you browse the Internet, you can use it as a means of certifying that you are a principal, such as login of a minor portal, by a mechanism to prove that you are the user himself.
  • What is a minor portal?
1. It is a portal site that you can check the record of how your information including the My Number is exchanged by the administrative agency from your personal computer at home, and receive administrative services and other notices.
2. The minor portal will be in operation from January,

How to apply for personal number card (My number card)

  • Since there is an application under the notification card, please separate it from the notification card, please fill in the necessary items and mail it with the enclosed return envelope. Applications can also be made on smart phones, personal computers at home.
  • For details on how to apply for personal number card, please see the following page.

Specific personal information protection evaluation report (basic item evaluation document)

When the town owns and uses specific personal information that includes My Number in its contents, we will conduct a Privacy Impact Assessment on risk measures such as usage methods and leakage of information.
For the evaluation of protection of specific personal information, we will prepare and publish the "Specific Personal Information Protection Evaluation Report".

Notification concerning information collaboration of proprietary use affairs

In addition to the clerical work prescribed in the My Number Act, the town uses its own My Number as the ordinance based on Article 9, Paragraph 2 of the My Number Act and sets it as its own use affairs.
Among these independent use clerks, information coordination with other local public entities using the information provision network system can be made for items that satisfy the requirements specified by the Regulations of the Personal Information Protection Committee (My Number Act Article 19 No. 8).
As for the items that carry out information cooperation among Niseko town's private use affairs, please follow the Article 19, Item 8 of the My Number Law and Article 4, Paragraph 1 of the Regulations of the Personal Information Protection Committee to the Personal Information Protection Committee as follows I have made a notification and it has been approved.
· Ordinance
· Notification Form

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