Basic Resident Register Card

About the handling of resident basic register card

  • New delivery / renewal of resident basic register card has ended.
  • For people who already have a resident basic register card, you can use it until the expiration date.
  • Please note that it will not be usable even within the expiration date when the following reasons apply.
1. When there is no margin in the description column on the back side, and you can not write it later
2. Lost, damaged, or stained
3. When the continuous use processing is not performed within 90 days from the date of notification of transfer to Niseko Town
Four. When you receive delivery of personal number card (My number card), etc.

On termination of digital certificate using resident basic register card

  • The digital certificate registered in the resident basic register card can be used until the validity period expires.
  • The validity period of the electronic certificate is three years.
  • Since January of Heisei 28, electronic certificates are registered in the personal number card (My number card), so switching is necessary for those who use it.

Inquiries regarding information on this page

Residents' staff of the townspeople living section