Request for mailing of certificate of family register, juminhyo (certificate of residence)

Those who live far away or those who can not come to the window without being accompanied by daytime convenience can request by mail. Please mail the required documents below.

1. Invoice

  • The style can be downloaded from the following page.
  • You can also substitute the style used in other municipalities.
Note: Please be sure to fill in the phone number that we can contact during the day as we may need confirmation of the contents.
When you request a certificate of family register etc.Third parties other than relatives such as grandparents, grandparents, children, grandchildren of the same family, who are in the same family register, may not be able to respond to the request. In that case, please contact us by phone before being mailed. Also, if the claimant is not stated in the family register, we are asking for attachment such as a copy of family register which knows the relation.
juminhyo (certificate of residence) is requestedWhen an agent other than the principal is requested, please attach a copy of the letter of attorney (one signed by the principal signature) or the document that understands the relationship with the claimant.

2. A copy of the identity confirmation document

  • Please enclose a copy of a public certificate with photos such as a driver's license.
  • Please contact us if you do not have confirmation about personal identification document or personal identification document.

3. Fee

  • Please purchase a fixed amount credit exchange for the necessary amount at Yucho Bank. Please enclose on the surface of the certificate without writing anything.

Four. Return envelope and stamp

  • Please fill in the name and address of the claimant stated in "1. Invoice" as an address on the return envelope to which the necessary stamp is affixed.
  • Certificates etc will be A4 size and B4 size, so avoid extremely small envelopes.
  • If you have a large number of stamps, you can either send us a stamp that you have prepared a little more than you do not stick it to the envelope (we will return the unnecessary portion) or write it in the reply envelope with "deficit payee payment" in red Please give me.


Please put the above 1, 4 in the envelope and send it to the following.

Delivery address
55 Fujimi, Niseko Town Abuta-gun, Hokkaido
Niseko Town Hall
Residents' staff of the townspeople living section

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