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It is various proof which is handled in the Tax Division. If you need a certificate, please come to the Tax Office window
Please use tax download certificate etc. application form from the form download and send it by post.
If you are unsure of necessary documents and fees, please contact the following inquiries.
CategoryContents Fee
Income certificationI will prove the income amount of the previous year (only income is stated)1300 yen
Income tax proofI certify the income amount and tax amount of the previous year1300 yen
Tax certificateI will prove the tax amount imposed (only the amount of taxation stated)1300 yen
Tax certificateProve that you pay tax on town citizen tax, property tax, light motor vehicle tax, national health insurance tax etc1300 yen
Business certificateProve you are doing business1500 yen
Proof of businessI prove to have stopped business1500 yen
Fixed asset evaluation certificateProve the value of land and house1 brush (ridge)300 yen
Two more after the second brush (ridge) added
(In case of same name)
Building certificateIt is used for display registration of the building1300 yen
Residential house certificateUsed to reduce registration license tax1¥ 1,300
Tax ledger certificateI will prove the tax register book entry matter1300 yen

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[Request style of various tax proofs]

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