Public auction of seized property

In this town, property (fixed property, personal property, etc.) seized from the non-payer may be publicly sold in order to collect the unpaid tax.

 The public auction held in October 2020 (kei-car) has ended.

* Public auction is a law in which a government agency solicits a wide range of unspecified purchase applicants based on the provisions of the law, sells the property seized due to tax delinquency, etc. by free competition, and allocates the price to tax delinquency etc. It is a procedure of.

Details of public property

There is currently no public auction.

Public auction process 

There is currently no public auction.

How to participate in public auction

1. Please read the contents of the public auction guideline

In order to participate in the Niseko Town Local Public Auction (hereinafter referred to as "public auction"), it is necessary to carefully read and agree to the following Niseko Town Local Public Auction Guidelines.

2. Please submit a set of the required documents (including bid form)

The following documents are required to participate in the public auction, so those who wish to participate should submit them during the bidding period.
 You can only bid once per bid.
Please note that once a bid has been placed, it cannot be canceled or changed.

[Documents required to participate in public auction]
  1. Public auction participation application form
  2. Bid
  3. Envelope for bidding (Please specify "Niseko Town Public Auction Bid Form Sale Category 〇 〇" on the envelope)
  4. Reply envelope (Only for participation by mail. Please attach an 84 yen stamp and specify the reply address.)
  5. Letter of attorney* Required only when delegating public auction participation to an agent
* Please fill in the required items on the bid form, enclose it in the bid form envelope, and submit it.
If you participate by mail, please send the required documents by registered mail or simple registered mail.

(If you send it by regular mail and cannot confirm receipt in Niseko Town and cannot participate in the public auction, Niseko Town will not take any responsibility.)
Address: 〒048-1595 Niseko Town character Fujimi 47 Niseko Town Tax Division "Public auction charge"

[Form download]

Decision of the winning bidder

There is currently no public auction.

* The successful bidder must pay the successful bid price in cash by the designated date and time. Please note that we cannot accept payment in installments or extend the payment deadline when considering whether or not you can participate in the public auction.
* After payment of the full price, the property will be delivered.

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