Tax payment

The deadline for each tax is as follows.
Classification1st termSecond term3rd termPhase 45th period6th term7th period8th period
Town taxJune 25August 25October 25December 25----
Property taxMay 25July 25September 25November 25----
Light motor vehicle taxMay 25-------
National Health Insurance TaxJune 25July 25August 25September 25October 25November 25December 25January 25
  • If the 25th is Saturday, Sunday, or a public holiday, it will be the next weekday (the same applies to the account transfer date).
  • If delivery can not be confirmed even after a certain period of time from the due date, a reminder will be sent.

Town tax payment method

Town tax can be paid by financial institution listed in payment notice other than public office teller window.
Besides this, there are the following payment methods.

Account transfer

When you apply for a direct debit, the tax will be deducted automatically from the designated account on the due date.
In Niseko Town the following financial institutions can debit tax.

Financial institution that can do account transfer

  • Hokkaido Shinkin Bank Niseko Branch
  • Yotei Agricultural Cooperative Association Makkari Branch
  • Japan Post Bank
  • Rakuten Bank(Available from June 2019)
[Notice] We started account transfer at Rakuten Bank.
Niseko Town has started direct debit from Rakuten Bank accounts from June, 2019 (2019).
Rakuten Bank's direct debit has the following advantages.
You will be notified by email in advance that you are out of balance, so you can prevent it from being forgotten (also available on the day)
送 金 Remittances and receipts from overseas are easy and support for various currencies (recommended for taxpayer etc. of foreign residents)
楽 天 Rakuten points are also collected by direct debit

In addition, the account transfer in Rakuten Bank can use water charges and sewerage fee in addition to the above 4 types of town taxes.
For more information on Rakuten Bank, please visit the website.

How to use fund transfer

1. In case of Hokkaido Shinkin Bank, Yucho Bank, JA
(1) Please receive a fund transfer request form at the public office (
(2) I want a fund transferTo the window of a financial institutionA bank transfer request form filled out with necessary items after bringing passbook, account notification markPlease submit.
口座振替依頼書は郵送もできます。ご希望の方は役場税務課までご連絡ください (電話0136-44-2121)。
Japan Post Bank can apply for "automatic payment use application" prepared at post office instead of fund transfer request book.

2. In the case of Rakuten Bank
(1) We have prepared a dedicated account transfer request form below, so please fill out the required items on printing (also available at the municipal tax department).
(2) Completed account transfer request formPlease submit to Niseko Town Office Tax Affairs Section.
(3) Later, you will receive an e-mail from Rakuten Bank, so please apply for a bank transfer according to the contents of the e-mail (this is the procedure for users to proceed on the Rakuten Bank website).
The procedure of (3) isPlease complete within 13 days of receiving the email(It will be canceled without completing the debit procedure after 14 days).

Convenience store

You can pay at each convenience store chain listed on the back of the payment notice.
■ When making a payment, please carefully check the delivery date listed in the payment notice.
If you misplace the order of the delivery date and then deliver from a later delivery date, the earlier delivery date will be handled as unpaid, so reminders may be sent or an arrears may occur.
■ We can not pay in convenience store in the following cases
・ Payment passes May 31 of the year following the payment year
(Example: Payment slips issued in 2018 (FY2018) cannot be used in combination after 2019 (2019) June 1)
・ Payment notice that there is no print of bar code (when the amount of payment exceeds 300,000 yen)
・ What corrected the printed amount of money
If you wish to issue a tax payment certificate immediately, please refrain from payment at a convenience store or smartphone application (because it takes up to about two weeks to be able to check payment at a government office after payment).

Smartphone application

We cope with payment by application of smartphone. For details, please check the website of each application (click the name of the supported application below to link to an external site).
In addition, although there is no statement of each application on the back of the payment notice, it can be used without a doubt.
【Notes on payment by application】
  • If payment is made with the app, a receipt (tax payment certificate) will not be issued, so if you need a tax payment certificate, please apply to the Public Tax Division.
  • If you pay in the app, you may have time up to about two weeks from payment to the issuance of tax proof. Please refrain from payment in application or convenience store when you want tax payment proof immediately (because it takes around two weeks to be able to confirm payment in the government office after payment).



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