School bus service

School bus operation details (route, time etc.)

In the town, Niseko Town has been operating a school bus for students to long-distance commute to the elementary, junior high school in the. The available is, Niseko Town is walking to school out of range of students living in.

Points to keep in mind when using students

 School bus is striving for stable operation by local business operators with safety of students as the first priority. Parents who use the bus (guardian) pay attention to the following and cooperate with safe and stable operation.

  1. Please get on and off from the bus stop. Please understand that the bus stop is located in a location where the bus can be stopped safely, so it may not be close to home.
  2. Do not make a noise or standing while you are on the bus. Both school flights and school flights adjust the route so that the boarding time of the students is as short as possible.
  3. Depending on the weather and road conditions, the bus may be delayed or may be canceled. In case of cancellation, we will contact the student (parent) from the school.
  4. You can use it to go to a high school outside the town, but because school attendance in town is given priority, you may be setting the flight route and time that can not be connected with JR etc etc.
  5. Depending on the entry and exit of child students and changes in road conditions, the route and time of operation may be reviewed in the middle of the fiscal year. In that case, we will announce separately to related students / guardians.
  6. In addition to this, in order to prevent accidents and troubles, we ask the parents to give appropriate guidance to the students about the way of getting on and off and on the way of getting on and off like regular public transportation.

Route · Time

Regarding the operation of the last flight from the school, the operation time is set according to the 2nd term.

In addition, we will be closed on school holidays such as long-term holidays. (Summer timetable service April-September, winter timetable service October-March)



 Because the primary public transportation means in the town is limited, common people can use the school bus for free under the following conditions. (Since it is not a general bus route, it is a mechanism that allows general get-on and off as long as it is within the range of operation as a school bus.)
  1. The operation day is from Monday to Friday every week. We do not operate when school in town is closed. (Main holiday, Saturday, Sunday · holiday, long-term leave of school · temporary closure etc)
  2. We do not operate when there are no students or general getaways at the first bus stop of the school flight. (School flights will operate)
  3. If all students and general getaways get off on the way to school while school flights are in operation, when passengers are gone, stop traveling without going to the end point.
  4. Only the last flight (third flight) has daylight saving time (April-September) and winter time (October-March the following year).
  5. You can get on and off only at the bus stop dedicated to the school bus. (It is not possible to get on and off while getting on and off.) In addition, riding from the JR Niseko station bus stop is only for high school students, and general riding is not possible.
  6. The bus stop, the route of travel, and the time of operation are subject to change without notice depending on the usage situation of the student.
  7. Please do not use acts for sightseeing purposes, riding in multiples, or other hindrance to the operation of the school bus.

Inquiries about school buses

Niseko Town in the case of such move in or move out to the school out of town to school in, please contact the person in charge below.
 電話 0136-44-2101(受付時間 平日8:30~17:15)

For procedures on enrollment and transfer, please see the following page (internal link).

Operation of town demand bus (Nikotto Bus)

Apart from the school bus, the town operates a demand bus (Nikotto Bus) as a means of public transportation. For details, please see the following page (internal link).

Inquiries regarding information on this page

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