School attendance aid system

Outline of the system

Niseko Town there is a school attendance support system for students who are having difficulty in attending elementary and junior high schools for financial reasons, such as school supplies and school lunches. If you are looking for assistance, please apply to the school with the required application form and proof of household income. If you have any questions, please ask the school or the Board of Education, School Education Division, School Education Section. (Note 1)
Since April, we distribute 'Notice on School Education Support' from school through student students, please apply accordingly. Moreover, since we can apply even during the course of the fiscal year, please contact us in this case from time to time.
In addition, a special support education enrollment incentive expense aid system has been established for students enrolled in special support classes at elementary and junior high schools and guardians of graduate schools in graduate classrooms at elementary schools.

Note 1: In conjunction with the Special Support Education Scholarship Encouragement Expense Aid System described in the latter part of the report, the schooling support system is administered through each school at the school. Please ask each school about application method and certification procedure etc.

Object of aid

Those who fall under the following are eligible for assistance, and except for 1 case, the Board of Education will decide whether or not aid approval is possible by judging economic power (Note 2). In making decisions, we will independently review (3) the status of the households that applied for, with the opinions of the school principal students going to school and advice from welfare-related organizations. (The term of validity of aid certification is limited to that year. Every application is required even if you wish to continue certification.)
  1. I am receiving welfare protection.
  2. Life protection has been stopped or abolished.
  3. The townspeople tax was tax exempted. Or, it was reduced.
  4. Property tax was exempted.
  5. National pension insurance premiums were reduced or exempted.
  6. Individual enterprise tax was reduced or exempted.
  7. The national health insurance tax was exempted from reduction or exemption.
  8. Child support allowance was paid. (Child allowance does not apply.)
  9. I received the living welfare funds by the Hokkaido social welfare council.
  10. Unemployment countermeasure projects are day laborers with qualified personnel, or day laborers registered as employment security offices.
  11. Others who are in need of economic long term due to unemployment of parents (retirement, bankruptcy etc.), change of household situation (death, divorce etc.), special circumstances (illness, fire, accident) etc.
Note 2: As a measure of economic strength, one-twelfth of the total amount of income of all the households is less than 1.3 times the amount of the protection standard used for measuring the demand for special education education incentives calculated for the households. To be. For persons with special circumstances, such as those who have been receiving medical treatment for a long period of time, the ratio shall be less than 1.5 times.
Note 3: Since we make a decision (certification or non-approval) comprehensively judging the daily life of the student's life and the circumstances of the family, time may be required for the review. Also, even after certification, certification may be canceled, such as when the parents' family situation improves.

Types of aid

Cost is added to the certified person by considering the target grade etc. according to the following classification, and it is paid by the school chief. (In the case of initial application at the beginning of the year, payment will start after late June.)
ClassificationGrade year etc.
School supplies / school supplies costsAll grades
Extracurricular Activity Expenses (No Accommodations)All grades
Extracurricular Activity Expenses (Accommodation Available)Elementary school 5 years · Secondary school second year
New entrance school student school supplies expenses1st grade primary school · 1st grade
School excursion fee6th grade elementary school · 3rd grade
Physical exercise equipment cost (ski)Payment once every three years
School lunch feeAll grades
PTA membership feeAll grades
Child student duesAll grades
Club activity costElementary school 4 years or more
Graduation album fee, etc.6th grade elementary school · 3rd grade

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