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Niseko Town school in the (Municipal School) is as follows. All schools cooperate in the education and guidance of Niseko children based on their unique educational practices. Information on the status of each school is provided via a "blog", so please see the website of each school for details.
 ニセコ町内へ転入学の予定がある方は、担当(学校教育課学校教育係 電話0136-44-2101)へ早めにご連絡くださると手続きがスムーズです。
School name (town school)LocationCommuter area (indicated by letter name)
Niseko Elementary SchoolNiseko Town character Fujimi 12
電話番号 0136-44-2252
FAX番号 0136-44-1216
Hondo, Fujimi, Chuuto, Motomachi, Arishima, Yotei, Satomi, Bucheon, Miyata, Miyata, Mikado, Kogawa, Kurokawa, Fukui, Nishitomi, Keihodai, Niseko, Soga, Higashiyama
Kondo Elementary SchoolKondo 266, Niseko Town
電話番号 0136-44-2852
FAX番号 0136-55-6516
Kondo, Toyori
Niseko Junior High School143 Fujimi, Niseko Town
電話番号 0136-44-2321
FAX番号 0136-44-1215
All over the town
Niseko High School141-9 Fujimi, Niseko Town
電話番号 0136-44-2224
FAX番号 0136-43-2031
We are pursuing unique high school education that integrates agriculture and sightseeing by the independent department of the daytime scheduled program (green tourism department). We are recruiting enrollment students from inside and outside the town.

※ Please contact the school for inquiries and consultations about graduate school. For entrance students from remote areas, we have established and operated a dormitory (with capacity).
* The School Board (Niseko Town General Gymnasium School Education Division) also distributes school information pamphlets for student recruitment.
  • For information to be sent by each school, please visit the following website. (External link)
  • School buses can be used for students who are outside walking distance. Please see the following page. (Internal link)
  • As an initiative to prevent passive smoking, smoking is prohibited on the premises of all municipal schools and Kindergarten. Please refrain from smoking anywhere inside or outside the building.(In addition to quitting all outdoor events such as athletic meetings, we also prohibit smoking on vehicles parked in the on-site parking lot.)

Number of students (town school)

yearNiseko Elementary SchoolKondo Elementary SchoolKonbu Elementary School
Niseko Junior High SchoolNiseko High School
R2241 people33 people0人108人58 people
H31256 people30 people0人97人68人
  • 各年度基準日 令和5年度(令和5年4月10日現在)、令和4年度(令和4年4月11日現在)、令和3年度(令和3年4月10日現在)、令和2年度(令和2年4月10日現在)、平成31年度(平成31年4月10日現在)
  • The number of children at Kombu Elementary School (Ranetsu Town) is the number of children commuting from Niseko Town.

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