Nice way BUS (Demand Bus) Operation

To reserve a busy bus 0136-43-2200
0136432200 (call origination push)
In Niseko Town, in order to secure the means of transportation in the town and to improve the convenience of everyone, the BUS (in a form to operate from the home etc. to the destination in the town in correspondence with the reservation of the user) It operates.
In the town, we publicly invited the nickname to make it so close and familiar as to be familiar to many people, and we decided to "Nice BUS".
To this "naughty BUS", the thought is put in "I hope everyone will smile by using a demand bus!"
  • Along with the busy operation of the bus, the town circulation bus "contact shuttle" was abolished at the end of September Heisei 24.

What is "Nice BUS"?

Unlike ordinary route buses, basically it is a new form of bus that operates by telephone reservation in advance.

Depending on the request of the user's getting-on and off stages and getting on / off boarding time, which is booked in advance, we pick you up at the place where we want to get on and get on the way to get off where we want to get off.
Normally, it will be a form of use with one another in order to put more than one reserved users. In addition, we will select and operate a route that does not inconvenience any great inconvenience to any user.

 ※ No pre-registration required! Even the first person is a revolutionary system that allows you to make a reservation with one phone!


Operation content (boarding fare etc.)


1 ride down 200 yen (the coupon ticket is continued)
  • However, children who are free of charge for preschool children, those who have children (junior high school students or less), handicapped persons handbooks, handbooks for persons with disabilities, nursing notebooks, those who have received nursing care certification are half price (100 yen).

Operation method

Area operation by demand bus (Article 4 of the Road Transport Law)

Provision method

  • Door-to-door service
(We will transport from the starting point of the user's home, etc. between destinations such as stations, hospitals, etc.)

Operation date and time

  • 8 AM to 7 PM
Daily service on weekdays and holidays

Reservation reception

  • Reservation reception time is from 8 am to 6 pm.
  • Reservation is possible from 1 week before the scheduled boarding date.
※ No pre-registration required! Even the first person is a revolutionary system that allows you to make a reservation with one phone!

Operation area

  • All areas of the town (excluding Goshiki Onsen area, including the area around Konbu Station and Konbu Onsen Hospital)
  • However, it is impossible to get on and off exclusively in Kombu-cho, Ranikoshi-machi.
  • As southwest direction (Nishitomi, Fukui, Miyata direction), according to the reservation, we can connect to JR from Niseko station at 7:30 am as Nishitomi / Fukui Line 2 of "Fureai shuttle" is abolished, only weekdays I will operate ahead.
In that case please make a reservation 2 days in advance.

Vehicle and number

  • One box type (10 people riding) 2 flat both on weekends and holidays

Operating operator

Niseko Buss Corporation

How to get rid of BUS

1 Call the reservation center (private telephone 0136-43-2200).

2 An operator will appear at the telephone number, so please tell us the following items.
(1) Your name on riding
(2) Departure place (address, building name, etc.)
(3) Destination (address, building name, etc.)
(4) Preferred boarding date and time zone
After that, the operator will confirm the reservation status and will inform you several times when it is possible to operate, so please choose the convenient ride time from among them.
→ Once the available time is decided, reservation is completed at this point.
3 Since the reception desk will be dispatched at the reservation date and time, please wait at the boarding location (at the front of the house etc) you told at the time of reservation.
4 Please get on the bus as soon as it arrives.
→ If there is a reservation in the same direction to the destination, it will be shared with other users.

5 After you arrive at the destination, please pay the fare to the fare box at the time of getting off.
How to get rid of BUS

Things that you would like us to know at the time of reservation.

  1. If you have decided on time for returning in advance, it is useful to make a return reservation at the time of reservation for going.
  2. If there are multiple people getting on and off at the same place, you can get on by telling the number of people at the time of reservation by the representative.
  3. You can book and use BUS from one person.
  4. When reservations are not redundant, we may go directly to the destination without getting into a sharing.
  5. If there is a change in reservation (time, place, number of people, etc.), please call the reservation center approximately 45 minutes in advance.
  • Depending on the time of day, reservation center phones may get crowded.
Because it is listening carefully so that there is no mistake guidance of getting on / off places and the time when you can get in, thank you for your understanding.
  • Also, at the time of cancellation of boarding reservation, when the telephone of the reservation center can not be connected,
Niseko BUS corporation's representative telephone 0136-44-2001 is also available, so please tell it.

Things I would like to ask when you get on the train.

  1. Basically I will operate by balancing. Please protect your manner and ride. Furthermore, inside the car, you can not eat or drink because it is non-smoking.
  2. Arrival time may be delayed, such as when a detour occurs due to traffic conditions.
  3. Please be sure to reserve the reservation time at the place you told at the time of reservation. Basically, I will depart after the appointment time.
Everyone, thank you for your cooperation in safe operation.
For details, please see this chopstick (all 4 pages).

Cooperate with each other on passenger ride!

※ "Ride on car" means that people with different destinations and different time ride on the same bus.

Those who have plenty of time can reserve the original meeting function by delaying the departure time in the crowded morning and making a reservation with plenty of departure and arrival time, such as booking with your neighbors. It can be demonstrated and used by more people!

We ask for your cooperation as public transport that supports everyone in the region.

How to ride a school bus

School buses are provided for school students at school and at school (3 afternoon).
For details, it is published in the Niseko town publicity issue September issue feature article.

I want to be careful

  1. Like the "contact shuttle" so far, you can use (mix) not only school students but also general customers.
  2. The usage fee is free.
  3. Operation is 1 early in the morning (school) 1 flight, 3 flights in the afternoon (lower school).
  4. Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, summer, winter, spring break, temporary closure due to school events is canceled.
  5. Some bus stops and routes are reviewed and operated.
  6. Only passengers getting on and off at the school bus stop.
  7. International school children, Niseko high school students can also board.
  • For the detailed routes and times of the school bus, please see the following page.

Utilization of Local Public Transportation Maintenance Improvement Project (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport)

"Nuzzy BUS" is supported by the national regional public transportation securing maintenance improvement project for operating expenses.
In this system, each year the Regional Council will confirm and evaluate the project (primary evaluation) and publish its contents.

We will announce the contents of evaluation reported to Hokkaido Transport Bureau as follows.

Project of Heisei 30 (October Heisei 29 2007 - September Heisei 30)

Heisei 30 fiscal year project (October Heisei era - September Heisei era29)

Business in FY2008 (October Heisei 20 - September Heisei 28)

Business for FY2005 (October Heisei 20 - September Heisei 20)

Business of Heisei 20 (October Heisei 20 - September Heisei 20)

Inquiries about BUS

Niseko Town Office Office Planning & Planning Division Corporate Planning Division
In charge: Yamamoto, Saito, Sawada
Phone number: 0136-44-2121

Use the route bus conveniently go out!
Niseko bus Otaru line (Niseko - Otaru line), Fukui line (Lantern - Niseko line)

  • It is even more convenient to combine the use of the route bus (Otaru line) to move around the town, to Kutchan (Welfare Hospital), Niki, Yoichi, Otaru, Sapporo area!
  • We also stop at Niseko View Plaza Road Station and Mt. Yotei Mountain Climb (Hirao)!
  • Because Fukui Line (Lantern - Niseko) and Otaru Line (Niseko - Otaru) are connected to JR Niseko Station, you do not need to change trains as they are!
Combined with route bus

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Niseko Town Hall