Niseko style education (Promotion of continuous education among schools)

Niseko Town Board Kindergarten Education utilizes Niseko's abundant educational resources, learns in Niseko, and aims to nurture children who love Niseko. We will promote the establishment of "Niseko style education". As a priority measure, we will work on improving English education and practicing and systematizing hometown learning “Niseko Studies”.

Consideration at the elementary and junior high school education review committee · Promotion of partial approaches (FY2007 - FY2008)


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Promoting efforts by Niseko style education promotion committee (FY2007 -)


In order to develop "Niseko style education", the promotion committee focuses on the following efforts.
  1. Enhancement of English education including primary school English new learning guidelines precedent implementation
  2. Establishment and development of "Niseko standard" (school learning · life discipline)
  3. Construction and practice of "Niseko studies"

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