Subsidy etc. review committee (review of subsidy)

Consider the actual circumstances of subsidy administration

The subsidy is money with administrative purpose that is provided from the national government to the local government, from the local government (prefecture) to the municipality (municipality), from the municipality or the government to the private sector.
By effectively utilizing subsidies, it will be an effective means for regional revitalization and industry promotion. On the other hand, however, the following problems have been pointed out from the past.
  • Application procedure for benefits is complicated, accompanied by enormous administrative processing
  • There are a lot of judgment criteria by the benefit provider varying, and the judgment ground is uncertain
  • Specific effects due to benefits are hard to see
  • Benefits are vested, while it is difficult to review

To subsidy based on objective judgment

Niseko Town, a subsidy review committee was set up by eight members, mainly from open call for participants, from 2001. This committee scrutinized the contents of each subsidy in order to review and effectively operate the subsidy, and made specific examinations for the review.

History of activities of the commission for subsidies etc.

FY 2004

We hold a total of four committees and consider the following priority matters
Confirm the status and problems of the results of the report in FY 2004 budget formulation
<Priority considerations>
1 Concept of streamlining subsidy
1) About abolishing small subsidies
2) On the direction of group assistance and institutional aid
2 On the financial system of the town
1) About 1% equivalent of resident 's tax About budget About town people decide to use
2) Restrictions on payment of subsidies etc. for non-paying persons
3) Establishment of evaluation system for various projects

Heisei er 2003

  • We hold a total of 5 committees and consider the contents of various subsidies
  • Confirm the state and problem of reflecting the results of the report in the 2003 budget compilation

Heisei 14

  • We hold a total of four committees and consider the contents of various subsidies

Heisei 13

  • We hold a total of 5 committees and consider the contents of various subsidies

Review subsidy after the subsidy review committee's report

In the town, based on the report of the Subsidy Review Committee, concrete review work is continued even in the budget compilation from FY 2004 and onwards. In addition, we review based on the following perspectives when reviewing.
  • Advance the consolidation and consolidation of subsidies for similar purposes and subsidies delivered to the same group
  • Aim for simplification of office work
  • Regarding those subsidized from time to time, we will review those that have been undergoing long-term employment subsidies, those that are not noticeable
  • It is not merely a uniform reduction but promotes a more effective system that includes a more effective mechanism and subsidy increase
  • We will discuss with the delivering organization fully

As a result of continued efforts, subsidies in the budget of Niseko Town 2009 are being reviewed more than six years ago when the final report was received.
FY 2004 budgetFY 2009 budgetReduction amountReduction rate
191.115 million yen¥ 122,148,000¥ 69.67 million36.4%
Note: Budget amount also includes specific financial resources
You can see the details of the budget for subsidies etc. in FY 2009 in detail here.

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