Measures for fiscal crisis (plan to break through fiscal crisis)

Due to the "trinity reform" promoted by the government since 2003, the local government has been forced to significantly reduce revenues, including local allocation tax. Not only has local finance, including Niseko Town, been greatly exhausted, but the gap between cities and regions has further widened. In addition to the decrease in revenues resulting from the Trinity Reform, town finances faced unprecedented stiffness, including a slump in town tax revenue and an increase in the amount of town bond redemptions.
In order to overcome this severity, in September 2004, we formulated the "Niseko Town Financial Crisis Breakthrough Plan" and started strong reform efforts in both securing revenues and reducing expenditures. This reform is ongoing so that even small municipalities can maintain stable financial management in the future.

Creation of fiscal plan - triggered by town and village merger review -

Niseko Town has set up a merger council with neighboring towns and villages (Kutchan, Rankoshi, Kibetsu, and Makkari) and has been discussing various issues including the merits of the merger. In March 2004, the merger council announced a financial estimate for the merger of the five constituent municipalities (the merger did not lead to a municipal merger and the council was dissolved in December 2004).
In parallel with this merger talks in the town, when continuing to operate alone without merging, we estimated the way the financial situation of the town will be and organized the efforts necessary to deal with that situation. That is this "financial crisis breakthrough plan".

Overview of the plan

Duration of planHeisei era 2005 - Heisei era 36 year (20 years)
Formulation methodReport by project team in Niseko Town Hall
Information sharingFrom August 2004 to September 2004, exchanging opinions in each district of the town
Distributing explanation booklets to all the neighborhoods in town in September 2004

Progress management of plan

This plan ensures effectiveness while reviewing every year. At the same time, we inform town residents about the status of review and the progress of each year. In addition, from fiscal 2012, we are conducting progress management by conducting a "medium-term fiscal review" based on this plan.

Means of main notification

  • Budget explanation "job that you want to know more" (issued annually)

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