Results of settlement and work of Niseko town

Update: December 14, Heisei 30
In accounting settlement of Niseko town, it is easier to understand based on provisions of Article 43 (settlement) of town planning basic ordinance and Article 45 (disclosure of fiscal situation), sharing information about settlement information and results and evaluation of town work I will make an effort.

Flow of settlement

The fiscal year of the municipality is the period from April every year until March of the following year. Between April and May, it will be the payment arrangement period, and we will account for the settlement until closing date of closing on May 31. It will be later than the private company due to income from country and prefecture subsidies during this period and concentration of debt (municipal bonds) borrowing process at this time.
We will first prepare a revenue and expenditure account statement from the closing date of payment on May 31st. Next, I will summarize the results of the various work that the town did. (Achievement report of major measures) In the month of August, the audit committee conducts account settlement review, and in September the settlement details deliberation in the regular session are conducted and officially certified without problems. The results of the settlement of accounts are also reported in detail in the Niseko Public Relations October issue.
With respect to the procedure of these accounts, we have worked to accelerate the procedure from fiscal year 2007 settlement in accordance with the calculation of fiscal consolidation ratio. As a result, the accreditation of settlement is about 3 months earlier than before.

Settlement statistics

In the municipality, from "June to July" after the account settlement processing is completed, "Local finance situation survey" (settlement statistics) will be prepared. Information on local governments throughout the country including Niseko town can be seen from the following link.

Settlement data

Financial statement

Result report of major measures

It is a settlement document to be submitted to Congress when getting accreditation of settlement of accounts. Mainly the following matters are posted. (The evaluation status such as the implementation and achievement status of job targets in each department / section is also posted.) You can also see it in the Niseko town learning exchange center "Asobuku" (facing the office).

Contents composition

  • Town Finance (Overview of Financial Results and Movement of Fiscal Indicators)
  • Overview of key measures (situation and results of town work)
  • Detailed measures (Detailed implementation situation of town work (status of business): Posted self-evaluation result)

Result report of major measures in FY2007

Result report of major measures in FY2008

Result report of major measures in FY2005

Result report of major measures in Heisei 20

Result report of major measures in Heisei 20

Result report of major measures in Heisei 24

Reports on major achievements of the past

  • In the results of measures, you can see what kind of job targets each official staff member sets and is working on work. (From FY2010)
  • In Niseko Town there are special accounts for national health, elderly health (abolished in March 2011), medical care for the elderly in the latter, simple water supply, public sewerage, agricultural settlement drainage, for each business. Since the population of Niseko Town is about 4,700 people, the water supply project falls under the category of simple water supply project (water supply population is 5,000 or less). In the simple water supply project, the water supply population is small, water supply facilities and water quality are not "simple" (it is equivalent to ordinary water supply, it is a legal classification). Agricultural settlement wastewater is a relatively small-scale sewage treatment facility to be built in rural areas.

Financial status table

We disclose the management situation of some administrative associations and third sector related to account settlement situation and financial indicator by using common style all over the country.
In addition, for fiscal 2010 and beyond, please check the document (financial situation data collection) at the bottom of the page on the fiscal consolidation efforts page.

Clarification of use of local consumption tax revenue related to raised amount

Regional consumption tax revenues related to the raised amount are said to be "to cover expenses required for social welfare, social insurance and health and sanitation measures" by law. Regional Consumption Tax Revenue for Regional Consumption Tax "in the settlement of accounts," Regional Consumption Taxable Project List and Expenses "are as follows.

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