Donation Usage​ ​

The donation received from everyone is managed as an important property of the town as the "Niseko town agricultural founding fund" and we are making effective use of it. We will inform you about the state of utilization of donation so far.
Year usedBusiness utilizationUtilization amount
FY 2007· Takeshi Arishima farm liberation memorial replica making for saving hanging scrolls200,000 yen
Heisei 21· Planting at Soga Forest Park299,250 yen
2012 fiscal year· Takeshi Arishima's autographed manuscript · Handwritten signature work collection · Collection of letters addressed to Takeo Arishima2,550,000 yen
Heisei 20· Collection of handwriting width of Arishima Takeo200,000 yen
Heisei 20· Collection of handwritten letters of Arishima Takeo250,000 yen
Heisei 28· Takehiro Arishima Project contribution
· Niseko Kindergarten Center Wooden Playground Equipment
1,050,000 yen 1,929,960 yen
Heisei 29· Arisima Memorial Hall screening system
・ Improvement of sound equipment, activity clothes for boy firefighting clubs, equipment for Niseko children's hall, rental skis for infants, equipment for music activities for Niseko Junior High School
678,240 yen
1,469,824 yen
Heisei 30・ Support for self-cutting forestry
・ Forest (water source) acquisition
・ Arishima wooden road restoration and maintenance
・ Sakuragaoka Park alien species removal ・ Stairs maintenance
・ Twin cherry tree restoration project
・ New government building new energy, energy saving introduction (fund accumulation)
・ Arishima / Kida Project
・ Maintenance of townsman center equipment
・ Winter sports activity support project
・ Citizen pool environment improvement project
・ Kondo Elementary School equipment maintenance
・ Equipment for elementary school rice experience
・ Shonen Fire Club Activity Clothing
・ Niseko Halloween ・ Town planting ・ Play event business
・ Railway cultural property diffusion exhibition and maintenance business
・ Return donations, office work, etc.
560,000 yen
1,235,000 yen
3,180,000 yen
1,836,000 yen
649,750 yen 7,000,000 yen
1,950,000 yen
400,000 yen
1,692,196 yen
7,900,000 yen
600,000 yen
100,000 yen
35,000 yen
1,800,000 yen
1,000,000 yen
3,840,365 yen

FY2015 Takeo Arishima Handwritten Letter

Takeshi Arishima self-made letter
Materials relating to these Arishima Takeo are released at the exhibition etc after appropriately preserving processing and survey at Arishima Memorial Hall.
Information on the exhibition at the Arisima Memorial Hall is posted on the following page.

2016 infant center wooden playground equipment maintenance

Town playground equipment
Children going to the child center were used to develop playthings such as wooden blocks and music box so that they could touch and touch the trees.
Among them, wooden block play equipment called coupla can stack small boards, make buildings, vehicles, animals etc, children are playing happily.
With this plaything, I think that it can be expected to nurture various strengths such as creativity, concentration, communication skills, and we think that it will be useful for the growth of children.
Details were published in the topic of the city of Niseko Heisei Heisei era29 issue Public Information.

2017 boys fire prevention club activity clothes

In the Boys Fire Club, club members of boys and girls in 5th and 6th graders conducted activities to call for fire prevention in Niseko Town, and learned fire extinguishing drills and simple first aid measures. Thanks to the same full-fledged activity clothes as adults, the feelings are tightened and the activities are more passionate.
The completion ceremony for 2018 is published in a public relations magazine.

2018 Sakuragaoka Park stairs maintenance

Sakuragaoka Park, located in front of Niseko Station, is dyed in a pale purple color along with Ezoengosaku from the end of April to the beginning of May. Many people, including tourists and locals, come to take a walk or take pictures at Golden Week, which is the best time to visit every year. In the future, we have improved the stairs and benches so that more and more people can enjoy this park.

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