Niseko Town Furusatozuri -What is the donation system?-

Niseko Town with the support of many people, we have promoted community-based town planning through information sharing.
We will donate your thoughts as donations to hometown development and utilize it to connect the natural environment of Niseko Town and community activities to the next generation. Fifteen years after the "Niseko Town Hometown Development Donation Ordinance" started, we intend to utilize the wisdom and opinions of everyone in and out of the town more for town development and deepen our broad cooperation.
Everyone who can sympathize with Niseko's town planning and home keeping, we are waiting for the support of Niseko fans.

[Niseko Town Basic Regulations of Community Development] Article 50 (Collaboration with people outside the town)

We will make efforts to utilize the wisdom and opinions of people outside the town through community, economic, cultural, artistic, sports, environment, etc. town planning.

[Niseko Town Hometown Donation Ordinance]

We will inherit the spirit of this mutual aid to the next generation and set up a fund through donation as a participation method for people creating feelings towards Niseko 's sympathy for town development and people' s hometown, and new residents' participation type We will enact this ordinance in order to advance autonomy.

It will be subject to residence tax donation deduction
~ "Furusato tax payment" system ~

"Law to revise part of local tax law etc." in which "hometown tax payment" system is incorporated has been enforced.
This system is a mechanism to deduct personal inhabitant tax and income tax to a certain limit when donating to local governments to realize the feelings of taxpayers who want to support "home town".

Outline of the system

  • Individuals donating an amount exceeding 2,000 yen to municipalities or prefectures, deduct 2,000 yen from the donation amount from the total amount of income tax and residential tax, by deducting donation to a certain limit We deduct the full amount up to the system.
  • The donation target is not limited to hometown, and even if it donates to all municipalities, towns and villages, prefectures in the whole country it is subject to deduction.
  • In order to receive a deduction by this system, it is necessary to declare a final decision to the tax office in charge of the address location.

  • For details of "home town tax payment" system, please see the following page.
  • Also, under the start of the "Home Tax Payment" system, "Furusato Tax Information Center" collects information on the system operation throughout the country and notices it. For details, please see the following page.

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