Donation Status

2019 As of the end of September (new regulations: April 1, 2018 onwards)

Donations by field (cumulative)

Donation item (field)Donation amount (yen)
Business about maintenance, maintenance and maintenance of forest resources4,600,000
Business related to environmental conservation, landscape maintenance and regeneration10,980,000
Business related to maintenance of natural energy and energy saving equipment300,000
Collection of materials about Takeo Arishima and business related to Arishima Memorial1,533,953
Business about fostering resident autonomy or promotion of community1,140,000
Business about education, sports promotion and child care environment maintenance2,410,000
Business about inhabitants welfare and living environment maintenance330,000
Business related to activities of NPOs and volunteer organizations10,000
Business related to industrial promotion1,550,000
Business about other town development20,295,000
Business designated by the mayor (business name: (currently not specified))-

Donor by region

Donor Your area of ​​residenceNumber of donors (total)* Hometown residents
Niseko Town in5-
Hokkaido (Sapporo City)228
Hokkaido (except Sapporo city)51
Outside Hokkaido (Metropolitan area)14024
Outside the road (other than the Tokyo metropolitan area)8211

As of March 2018 (for former regulations)

Donations by field (cumulative)

Donation item (field)Number of donations (mouth)Donation amount (yen)
Maintenance, conservation and improvement of forest resources5752,875,000
Environment conservation and landscape maintenance, regeneration project1,8939,465,000
Natural energy and energy-saving equipment development project2751,375,000
Collection of data on Takeshi Arishima and holding of Arisima Memorial Hall special exhibition12566,280,000
Ripening of local residents autonomy and community promotion project6803,399,784

Donor by region

Donor Your area of ​​residenceNumber of Donors (Number of People)
Niseko Town in35
Hokkaido and other municipalities57
Sapporo City36
Outside Sapporo city21
Outside Hokkaido126
Within the Tokyo metropolitan area 101
Out of the capital city 25


Niseko Town Hometown Making Donation Ordinance /Niseko Town Hometown Making Ordinance
Niseko Town Regulations You can find it in “Chapter 2 Contracts and Property” of “Part 6 Finance”.

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