Donation method (Donation from here!)

Feelings of feelings
For those who donations, Niseko Town yogurt and drink a staple of the production, specialty products and agricultural products such as organic wine from local wineries, skiing and golf, hot springs, such as experience menu and accommodation plan, Niseko Town by ski workshop in the, rare Niseko Donor Limited Original Design We have a small amount of items such as handmade skis and crafts.

※Please be careful! !

The malicious site of my hometown tax payment is muddled.
Applications at sites other than the above are not made. If you feel suspicious, please check before entering your application etc. Please be careful of malicious scams.

When using credit card

If you use a credit card, please use the hometown tax payment site "Hometown Choice". You can also choose from these items from Niseko Town.
※ Based on the provisions of the Local Government Act Enforcement Ordinance Article 158, Paragraph 1, we have entrusted “Trust Bank Co., Ltd.” with office work for applications and donation storage via the Internet.
* Based on the provisions of Article 231-2, Paragraph 6 of the Local Autonomy Law Enforcement Order, "Sapporo Hokuyo Card Co., Ltd." and "Trust Bank Co., Ltd." have been designated as designated proxy payers.

Payment by postal transfer

○ Application by postal or fax
Please use the following donation application form and apply. We will send you a list of postal transfer forms and feelings to those who applied.
<郵便>〒048-1595 北海道虻田郡ニセコ町字富士見55番地 ニセコ町役場 企画環境課 宛

○ Application by telephone
We will send you a donation application form and a postal transfer form to the address you called by phone.
Note: The personal information of the applicant will be strictly handled based on the Niseko Town Personal Information Protection Ordinance.

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