Usage of donation money

Donations received from everyone will be used for the following projects.
In addition, we will expand the business that can utilize donation from April 1, 1990 and proceed to reflect more opinions of everyone.

1, Project concerning maintenance, conservation and improvement of forest resources

Niseko Town is a forest with about 50 percent of the town. In order to connect this forest resource to the future, we will utilize the forest and utilize it for activities to nurture it.

Kindergarten classroom

2. Environmental conservation and landscape maintenance and revitalization projects

We will tell the rich nature and good scenery of Niseko Town to future generations, and utilize it for activities to protect it.

3, Business related to the development of renewable energy and energy-saving equipment

We will use it for initiatives that can introduce natural energy in public facilities etc.

solar panel

4. Collection of data on Takeshi Arishima and business related to Arishima Memorial Hall special exhibition
→ Collection of data on Takeshi Arishima and project on Arishima Memorial Hall (From April 1, 1990)

Some of Arishima's works are set in Niseko Town. It will be used for business and data collection to convey Arishima literature and the spirit of "mutual assistance" of Takeo Arishima to future generations.

Panel exhibition

5, Business related to the fostering of residents autonomy or the promotion of community

We will use it for the improvement of bases of residents autonomy and community activities in the community.

Niseko Residents Center (Chomin Center)

6, Project on education, promotion of sports and improvement of child-rearing environment (from April 1, 1940)

We aim to create a community where children can live peacefully and safely, and we will use it for efforts to support children's activities.

Early childhood center tree playground equipment

7, Project on residents' welfare and living environment improvement (from April 1, 1940)

We aim for everyone to live easily in town, we will use it to improve the living environment etc.

8, Projects related to activities of NPOs and volunteer organizations (from April 1, 1940)

We will use it to support activities of NPO organizations and volunteer organizations.

9, Business related to industrial promotion (from April 1, 1990)

It will be used for general industrial promotion related to agriculture and tourism, which are the main industries in Niseko Town.

10, Other town planning related projects (from April 1, 1990)

I will use it for activities that lead to revitalization of the town.

11, Project specifically designated by mayor of town (From April 1, 1990)

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