About Niseko National Recreational Hot Springs

The National Recreational Hot Springs are designated by the Minister of the Environment based on the "Hot Spring Law" for hot springs that are expected to be sufficiently effective for public use and can be used as sound health resorts.
 "Niseko Hot Springs Village"refers to a group of hot springs scattered in Niseko Town and Rankoshi Town that was designated as a national hot-spring resort on November 1, 1958.

Niseko National Recreational Hot Spring Resort Plan

Niseko Hot Springs Village is managed by taking advantage of the characteristics and charm of each area. It has been named one of the 100 Best Hot Springs, and many users visit for sightseeing and hot spring healing.
In addition, it is a hot spring resort with a long history, which is unusual in Hokkaido, and has coexisted with rich nature designated as a quasi-national park.

We wish to cherish these efforts and continue to strive to recuperate visitors, aiming to be a hot spring resort where you can interact with various people including overseas tourists.

See below for details of the plan.

Please refer to the"Niseko Onsen Guide"about the hot springs in the Niseko area, including the National Recreational Hot Springs.

Niseko Onsen Guide (R01 updated) (Hokkaido e books)can be viewed on PCs and smartphones.

For inquiries about tourism, visitNiseko Resort Tourist Association
TEL: 0136-44-2468
FAX: 0136-55-5777

About National Recreational Hot Springs (Ministry of the Environment)

National hot spring resorts are generally selected according to the following criteria. Designation started in 1954. As of October 2019, 80 locations have been designated nationwide.
Please refer to the following for the criteria for selecting National Recreational Hot Springs, and about hot springs nationwide. (External page)




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