Niseko Town Digital Gourmet Guide Map


Niseko Town 's "delicious"
Discover on the digital map! !

with this digital map
In Niseko Town
Stylish cafes, bread and cake shops, and restaurants
A restaurant full of volume, Chinese restaurant
Izakaya, bars, and snacks where townspeople gather
can be searched.

・You can search for restaurants based on the genre you want to eat, such as "cafe" or "Japanese food"!
・You can search for shops near your current location from your smartphone, and it also works with route guidance. Don't hesitate to go to the store!
・You can check store information such as business hours, and detailed information on the homepage and SNS links!
・You can check the store's support from the icons, such as non-smoking, credit card, private rooms, wheelchairs, etc.
・You can check the stores that accept the convenient “ëtabi-taxi” payment method based on the hometown tax payment system!
・Links to other tourist information such as seasonal bus routes and sightseeing model courses!

Features added in January 2024!
Function added in December 2023!

Niseko Town Digital Gourmet Guide Map will gradually add its functions,
More convenient for users and easier to understand, such as information on local shops
I will tell everyone.

<Additional content this time>
・Added "Niseko Town Audio Guide", "Tourism Model Course", and "Mini Kestra x Niseko Town" to the tag function
You can access each specialized site from the relevant store.
Get information with multilingual audio, check model courses,
You can check the desired facility using music and video!
・Added congestion visualization function
With the cooperation of some shops, we have made it possible to display the congestion situation on a digital map.
*If there is no input from the store, the congestion status will not be displayed.

<Additional content until last time>
・Added "Food purchase" to the category
We have added shops where long-term residents and those who cook at the inn can purchase food and alcohol in the area!
・Added "tour bus" to the category
You can display the route of the "Niseko Area Circuit Bus" that operates during the winter season.
The tour bus also runs at night, so it's convenient for eating and drinking!
You can check the details of the tour bus using the link from the map.
digital map

At each tourist spot, restaurant, etc.
We have a special card for Niseko Town Digital Gourmet Guide Map.
Please feel free to take it home.

The cute card stand below is a landmark.

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