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Top 100 Sustainable Tourist Destinations

We have been awarded the Top 100 Sustainable Tourist Destinations in the World by the International Organization for Sustainable Tourism "Green Destinations" (Netherlands) for the second consecutive year.

Today, one in ten people in the world is involved in tourism. Green Destinations is an international organization (non-profit organization) that supports and encourages efforts to improve the impact of tourism on the region in the fields of "culture, society, economy and environment".

About Green Destinations


Global Green Destinations Days 2021
Niseko Town hosts the second day of the annual four-day international tourism event "Global Green Destinations Days 2021" hosted by Green Destinations, an international organization for sustainable tourism. We presented a case study of Niseko Rule initiatives.

Event Day 2: Niseko Town Host and Case Study (YouTube)
Meet the Hosts of GGDD 2021
Niseko Town participated in the "Climate Change Countermeasures in Tourist Destinations" symposium sponsored by Green Destinations. The five pillars of the Glasgow Declaration (measurement, decarbonization, regeneration, cooperation, and finance) in Niseko Town tourism are being moderated by Mr. Jeremy Smith, the drafter of the Glasgow Declaration. Was discussed.

Meet the Host (YouTube)

UNWTO Best Tourism Village

Best Tourism Village

At the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) General Assembly, 44 "Best Tourism Villages (BTVs)" were announced from 75 member countries and 174 regions. From Japan, Niseko Town, Hokkaido and Miyama Town, Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture were selected.

BTV is an UNWTO initiative to find areas that leverage the strengths of tourism to implement tourism projects in new ways, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The selected areas (including Niseko Town) were evaluated by the BTV advisory body based on the following nine evaluation areas (44 selected areas received a total of 80 points or more out of 100 points). ..

・ Culture / natural resources
・ Promotion and conservation of cultural resources
・ Sustainability in the economic field
・ Sustainability in the social field
・ Sustainability in the environmental field
・ Potential and development of tourism ・ Strengthening the value chain
・ Governance in the tourism sector
・ Access infrastructure
・ Public health, security and safety

Certification as "UNWTO Best Tourism Village":
This certification has a well-known culture and natural resources, preserves and promotes values, products and lifestyles rooted in the local community, and in all aspects of the economy, society and environment. It is recognized as an outstanding example in the region, including a clear commitment to innovation and sustainability.

COP26 Glasgow Declaration

On November 4, 2021, the Glasgow Declaration on Tourism Climate Change Countermeasures was announced at the 26th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Climate Change Framework Convention (COP26).

The Declaration states that the tourism sector will accelerate climate change measures in the tourism sector, halve carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the tourism sector over the next decade, and achieve "net zero emissions" by 2050. The purpose is to commit to the powerful actions of.

Niseko Town is the only Japanese municipality to sign the first sign.

Glasgow Declaration in Tourism
About the Glasgow Declaration

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