Telephones and internet

There is a well-established communication system that supports various types of telecommunication devices, ranging from cell phones to IP phones.

Domestic calls

Area code + subscriber's (the area code is unnecessary if it is a local call)

Overseas calls

Access code + country code + area code (minus the first digit) + subscriber's number

(Access codes)

KDDI = 01
NTT Communications = 0033

Cell phones

The contract requires sign-up fees, a charge for the telephone unit and a resident's card for identification purposes.

Subscribed telephone

The contract requires costs for installation and a document verifying your identity (resident's card, passport, etc.)

Public phones

Coins (10 or 100 yen) and telephone cards can be used, and the telephone cares are available at automatic vending machines and convenience stores.

International calls from a public phone

A public phone that is international calls is located in front of the JR Niseko Station (Gray Phone). Prepaid international phone cards can be purchased from accommodation providers and convenience stores in the town.

IP phones

Many internet providers offer IP phone services. Please ask the relevant providers for information.


Services as depending on the provider. Please contact us as the relevant providers for information.

Community groups

These groups distribute important information provided by the town and ensuring that communication with the district's residents is effectively undertaken. The groups For more information, please ask a resident of the area in which you are residing.


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