Financial institutions and post offices

In Niseko town Here are two financial institutions (opening hours 9 AM - 3 PM) and one post office (opening hours 9 AM - 4 PM), Opening a bank account requires a piece of identification such residence card and personal seal (inkan). It is advisable Be advised that ATMs at Japanese banks do not ATMs are installed in financial institutions as well as financial stores. In Niseko Town, the only 24/7 ATM is at the 7/11. Post offices provide general postal services as well as EMS (Express Mail Service) and SAL (Surface Air Lifted) services along with banking, remittance and insurance services.

Domestic and international parcel delivery services

Courier company deliver goods domestically in Japan as well as overseas. Customers can take parcels to these companies or call companies to come and collect their parcel directly (this service is referred to as takkyuubin).


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