Driving a car in Japan needs a Japanese Driver 's License or an International Driver' s License (valid for one year from the date of issue). International Licenses must be issues by a member country of the Geneva convention. In Japan, drivers must be 18 years or A Japanese Driver's License is renewed every three to five years, and this renewal process must take place within a month of the driver's birthday (before or after). the venues and times that a license can be renewed are listed on the postcard that is sent out by the authorities advising renewal of a license.

Exchanging an overseas driver's license for a Japanese license

People with a German, French, Swiss or Taiwanese Driver's License who have a Japanese translation of the license can drive for a year in Japan (check with your embassy: some conditions apply).After a year you must exchange your license for a Japanese license , and some requirements must be met, including undergoing an examination.License exchange procedures take place at the Sapporo Driver's License Examination Centre.A new license is not issued on the same day unless the application is completed in the morning.License cannot be posted out .The documents required to make the exchange are as follows:
  • Your driver's license from your home
  • Residency card
  • Passport
  • Two photographs (3 cm x 2.4 cm) and a handling fee (4, 150 yen for passenger cars)
  • Personal seal (signature acceptable)

Sapporo Driver's License Examination Center Akebono 5-4, Teine-ku, Sapporo Tel. 011-683-5770

Traffic safety

A fine is imposed on violators, a fine is imposed on violators, and a notice of a fine or demerit is added to their license. Keep in mind that the standards for drunk driving Change one summer tires over to winter tires before the onset It is easy to slip on the roads. It is vital that you apply brakes lightly and use engine braking techniques to avoid dangerous, heavy or sudden breaking.


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