TV, radio, newspapers and satellite broadcasting (including CS) are available in Niseko Town. All households that own TVs are required to make a contract with NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) and pay a license fee.

TV stations (7)

NHK General TV
NHK Educational TV
UHB: Hokkaido Cultural Broadcasting
HBC: Hokkaido Broadcasting
STV: Sapporo Television Broadcasting
HTB: Hokkaido Television Broadcasting
TVH: Television Hokkaido Broadcasting

Radio stations (AM: 4; FM: 3)

NHK Radio 1 567 KHz
NHK Radio 2 747 KHz
STV 1440 KHz
HBC 1287 KHz
NHK-FM 78.9 MHz
FM Hokkaido 80.4 MHz
FM North Wave 82.5 MHz
Radio Niseko 76.2 MHz
· Information from the Town Council is available via public relations magazines, community FM, community association circulars and email messages, etc.


Hokkaido Shimbun Honma Shoten Tel. 0136-44-2455
Yomiuri Shimbun Niseko Sales Agent Tel. 0136-44-3328
· English newspapers are available at newsagents.

Satellite broadcasting

A satellite dish and a special tuner are necessary to receive satellite broadcasting. Pat - TV programs are also available through communication satellite broadcasting (CS).


For inquiries in English

Niseko Town Council Tel. 0136-44-2121 Planning and Environment Division

Inquiries regarding information on this page

Niseko Town Hall