There are houses, apartments and boarding houses in the town for rent and it is common sense practice to use a real estate agent to help find a place to live. The size of housing units in Japan is expressed by combinations of the initial letters of the living. To proper accommodation is found, a rental contract is made. To: To (room), dining room (D) and kitchen (K), such as 2LDK and 3DK, and the size of each room is shown. For moving in or out, it is necessary to make arrangements or settle payments for electricity, gas and water services. For municipal housing, please contact the Town Council. There are some Japanese practices regarding rental agreements which you may be unfamiliar with. Please see the descriptions for these practices below.

Rent (yachin)

This is the monthly room charge.A full month's rent may be required even if the tenant moves in mid-month.

Security deposit (shikikin)

This money is returned to the landlord as security to rental payments. This is is the cancelled. damaged, this money will be appropriately to cover the amount of rent or the repair cost owed.

Key money (reikin)

This money is given to the landlord upon signing the contract as a "token of thanks". This is not returned to the tenant if the contract is canceled.

Agent's commission (chukairyou)

This is the fee paid to the real estate agent. The commission is one equivalent to one month's rent.

Management fee (Kanrihi)

This is to be paid together with the rent to the landlord each month. This fee is for maintenance and management costs and also covers public areas of an apartment building.


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