Niseko Town Tourism Facility Sustainability Support Benefits Project

Niseko Town Tourism Facility Sustainability Support Benefits Project

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, businesses with golf courses and hot spring facilities have suffered a great deal of damage. Golf courses and hot springs are valuable tourism resources, and we believe that support is required to continue using the golf courses and hot springs in the future, and 20% of the golf course (2 facilities) golf usage tax payment and 20% of the amount paid for bathing tax paid from March 2020 is paid to 11 facilities for bathing tax as tourism facility sustainability support benefit.

Target company

  1. From 1st March 2019 to 2020 On 29th February, a hot spring management company that pays bath tax to the town
  2. 2019 golf course management companies that delivered the golf course use tax of degree
* Notifications are sent to the target business operators.


2020 May 19, June 2 from (Tuesday) (Tuesday)

Subsidy rate and maximum amount of subsidies

  • Golf usage tax supplier 1 company 20% of golf usage tax payment (fractional adjustment)
  • Bathing tax payers 11 enterprises 20% of the paying tax of bathing tax (fractional adjustment)

Requirements for implementation

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