Niseko support lucky bag sales promotion business

Niseko Town support lucky bag sales promotion business

While many people have refrain from going out by the new coronavirus infection expansion, Niseko Town, such as in us who can not come to Niseko Town businesses in the are, Niseko Town to mail order to make the items were assorted the production of specialty products We will carry out a " Niseko Town Support Project".

Niseko Town support lucky bags are on sale!

This lucky bag support project was planned in order for many people to enjoy the taste of Niseko Town at home, while refraining from going out due to the spread of new coronavirus infection. Niseko Town cooperation shops in, "only in specially for this business Niseko Town of production specialty assorted items" new to make a, in, such as the new coronavirus Niseko Town of Niseko towards you not come to We deliver the products directly. Niseko Town is rooting for premium content of 20% equivalent and shipping of goods, Niseko Town has been supporting the sale of local products in. Please take advantage of this opportunity.
For product inquiries, please contact each store directly by phone.

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