Niseko Town shopping consultation, delivery agency support project

Niseko Town shopping consultation, delivery agency support

Due to the spread of new coronavirus infection, food and beverage businesses in the town are still in a difficult situation such as refraining from sales and sluggish sales. On the other hand, consumers are refraining from going out because of fear of new coronavirus infection. So, Niseko Town in cooperation within the shops and delivery, and such as restaurants that are doing take-out, based on the needs of the townspeople (consumer), shopping consultation, performs a delivery agency, do the shopping support of the townspeople.

Persons using the shopping delivery service

All townspeople

Persons using the shopping consultation service

Out of townspeople
  • Elderly people over 70 years old
  • Households with people who have a physical disability certificate, nursing certificate, and mental health insurance welfare certificate
  • Household of mother and child (father and son) family
  • In households with only senior citizens (65 years old and over), if anyone alone is over 70 years old

Implementation period

June 15 to December 25, 2020

Subsidiary business

Niseko Town Chamber of Commerce

Requirements for implementation

Inquiries regarding information on this page

Commerce and tourism department