Niseko energy recovery business with Kira point card

Niseko energy recovery business with Kira point card

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the consumption in the town is sluggish. With the convergence of the new coronavirus infection, in order to recover the atrophy the regional economy, through the use of fine clothes card Niseko Town in order to activate the shop or the like in, make the support of the fine clothes card Association.

Business contents

  • Normal business content
With regular cards, we will carry out a 5x points reduction campaign every day during the implementation period.
  • Child care support business contents
・ Double the return rate We will increase the points awarded from 2,500 yen to 5,000 yen to support child-rearing families.
・ Normally, 1% reduction (grant) rate is 6 times the 11% reduction (grant) rate.

Implementation period

Taking into account the new coronavirus infection situation, we will carry out child care support from 2020 in July and a fivefold reduction campaign 2020 from September to November for three months.

Person who is granted Kira points

Townspeople with Kira cards

Subsidiary business

Niseko Town Chamber of Commerce "Kira Card Association"

Requirements for implementation

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