Niseko Town Business Management Maintenance / Future Support Benefits Business

The application for this benefit has been closed.   
Since the tourist industry is being exhausted due to the rapid decrease in tourists due to the spread of new coronavirus infection, as a support to support business continuity and business maintenance from June to the future in the town We are promoting the business of delivering "Niseko Town Business Management Maintenance/Future Support Benefits". We will set a new application period for businesses that could not apply within the deadline. In addition to this, we will also expand the target industries and relax some of the grant requirements.


The 1st 2020 June 1st (Mon) to June 30th (Tue)
2nd 2020 August 3rd (Mon)-August 31st (Mon)
*The 2nd time is for businesses that have not received benefits in the 1st time and businesses that have newly met the benefit requirements.

Target company * Person who meets all the requirements

(Persons eligible for delivery)
  • Small businesses or sole proprietors with capital of 50 million yen or less and 20 or less employees.
(Granting standard industry)
  • 2020 as of June 1, 2009 Niseko Town has a sales store or office domiciled in, businesses that continue operating more than a year, there is expected to be able to stay in business for more than a year in the future. However, the stores or business establishments opened from June 2, 2019 to December 31, the same year, are also applicable to businesses with actual operating conditions throughout the year.
  • Applicable to any of the target industries.
  • Businesses that pay office water charges, property tax or office rent.
(Special measures) *From August application
  • For business operators who are members of the commerce and industry as of June 1st, or business operators who intend to become members of the commerce and industry after June 1, the grant requirements (capital amount and number of employees, elimination of requirements for full-year business) are relaxed. , I can now receive benefits.

Target industry *Applicable to either

  1. Accommodation business (excluding compartmentalized type hotels, and simple accommodation and private lodging businesses with the annual income of 2018 and 2019 less than 840,000 yen)
  2. Restaurant (home-type and mobile manufacturing/sales vehicles are considered stores)
  3. Retail business (stores that can be used together with the home are eligible. However, direct sales offices, sales booths inside direct sales offices, unmanned sales offices, tourism associations, agricultural cooperatives and their affiliates, and public organizations are excluded.)
  4. Outdoor operators (excluding individual guides and freelance guides)
  5. Food manufacturing companies (excluding companies that are also engaged in food manufacturing business)
  6. Carriers (limited to road passenger transportation and road freight transportation)
  7. Beauty salon

◆Additional industries since the recruitment in August
  1. Funeral business (have an independent store. Can be used at home)
  2. Dispensing pharmacy (have an independent store. Home combination type is possible.)
  3. Dental clinic (excluding on-site doctors who have a treatment place at home, etc., and who do not have an independent treatment place at home, etc.)
  4. Veterinary hospital (excluding medical doctors who have their own treatment places at home, etc., who do not have independent treatment places at home, etc.)
  5. Manipulative work (manipulative clinic, acupuncture and moxibustion, massage, osteopathic clinic, Judo rehabilitation) (Independent treatment place is secured at home, etc. Only business trips and dispatches are possible.)
  6. Insurance business (There is an independent office or store. Home is not possible.)
  7. Advertising business (There is an independent office or store. Not at home.)
  8. Esthetic business (independent store or home has a dedicated treatment area)

Businesses that perform management or ancillary economic activities in all target industries are not eligible for benefits.
Even if it is in the above target industries, it may not be granted. For details, please check the implementation guidelines.

other noteworthy things

(Thoughts on sales throughout the year)
  • If you have a special reason that you cannot open your business throughout the year, you can submit a reason sheet (style No. 4) such as suspension of business and if you decide that the town is unavoidable, you can receive the grant. .. Example) It takes time to repair a store due to a disaster.
  • It is not necessary to submit a written reason sheet for holidays, etc. in case of regular holidays or maintenance holidays for about two months a year.
  • If it is clear that you are continuing your business in another way or that you are likely to resume your business, you do not need to submit a written reason such as suspension of business.
(Applicant's way of thinking)
  • Unless the target business operators are different and have shops or business establishments that are not on the same site or adjacent to each other, they are considered affiliated business operators or the same business operator.

Grant amount

1 operator 150,000 yen

Application method

Please submit the grant application together with the attached documents to the Commerce and Industry Tourism Division.
  1. Application form (Form No. 1 or Form No. 1 2*)
  2. Attached document
*If you are in an industry that has been added since the August application, please use Form 1, No. 2.

Attached document

Niseko Chamber of Commerce members can omit the attached certificates 1-9 below by the certificate of the Niseko Town Chamber of Commerce in the application form (Form No. 1 or Form No. 1-2). *When applying, the town may ask you to obtain or create documents required to be attached and submit them.
  1. 2018 and 2019 Copy of tax return for income tax or resident tax return (accommodation only. However, other businesses may request to attach it for confirmation of year-round business etc.)
  2. In the case of a corporation, the original copy of the corporate registration certificate
  3. Documents showing business address (not required if corporate registration certificate is sufficient)
  4. You can see that it is open all year round
  5. Pledge (style No. 3) to continue business for the future in the Niseko Town Business Management Maintenance / Future Support Benefit Business
  6. A copy of the Food Sanitation Act / private lodging registration certificate
  7. Reasons for closure (style No. 4)
  8. A store or business establishment that was opened from June 2, 2019 to December 31, the same year, shows the date of opening and the business form.
  9. Photo of store or business office Photo of store or business office (Attachment is not necessary if it is listed in the tourist guidebook of the town.)
  10. Niseko Town Business Management Maintenance/Future Support Benefit Business Town Tax and Public Fee Payment Survey Consent Form (town No. 5)
  11. Claim form (Niseko Town Style No. 2)
  12. Copy of passbook or cash card of the transfer destination of the grant Copy of passbook or cash card of the transfer destination of the grant
  13. Businesses attempting to join the Niseko Town Chamber of Commerce should have a copy of the application form (the one with the reception mark of the Chamber of Commerce)

Requirements for implementation

Application download

Invoice download

Download Business Continuity Agreement

Download Reasons for Closure

Download the town tax and utility bill survey agreement

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