Niseko Town SME Special Financing Business

In order to stabilize the management of small and medium-sized enterprises in the town that are affected by the spread of new coronavirus infection, we will provide a special loan business for small and medium-sized enterprises in Niseko Town.

Loan Target

Businesses corresponding to the following 1 and 2
  1. Businesses stipulated in Article 2 of the Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Basic Law (Law No. 154 of 1963)
  2. A person who has an independent store or business establishment in the town and has been operating in the town for more than one year

However, it does not apply when any of the following 1 to 11 is applicable.
  1. Persons engaged in sexual customs-related special business and customer service contracted business related to sexual customs-related special business prescribed in the Act on Customs Business, etc. and Act on Adequacy of Business.
  2. Political body
  3. Religious organizations or related groups
  4. Business operators and their representatives who are behind in paying town taxes and utility bills to Niseko Town
  5. Businesses that have not properly notified the relevant licensing authorities or business that has continued to operate without a valid business license, etc.
  6. Those whose transactions have been suspended by financial institutions
  7. A person who has received a loan from a financial institution and is behind in repayment
  8. Person who is recognized as having no repayment ability
  9. Those who are subrogated by the Guarantee Association and those who are guarantors
  10. Businesses that prevent illegal acts by gangsters and employ members or employ persons who are related to the members.
  11. A business operator that employs a person who belongs to a group that engages in violent sabotage prescribed in Article 4 of the Subversive Activity Prevention Act, or employs a person who is related to that person.

Loan handling period

2020 From September 10th to 2021 February 26th Lending decision

Loan amount

From 500,000 yen to 5 million yen per operator
However, it is not possible to refinance the old bonds already borrowed for the new coronavirus countermeasures.

Use of funds

New Coronavirus Countermeasure Fund

However, it cannot be used for the purposes corresponding to 1 to 13 below.
  1. Funds for refinancing old claims
  2. Right money
  3. deposit
  4. Security deposit and key money not used for business
  5. Land purchase fund not used for business
  6. Investment and similar funds
  7. Investment funds
  8. Sublease funds
  9. 生活資金
  10. Housing fund
  11. Entertainment expenses
  12. Taxes, mutual aid expenses, utility charges, etc.
  13. Other funds that the mayor makes inappropriate

Loan interest rate

Annual interest within 3 years 1.5% ・Within 5 years 1.7%

Credit guarantee

Guaranteed by the Hokkaido Credit Guarantee Association.

Interest and guarantee fee subsidies

From the month when the repayment of business funds (including deferral period) begins, we will provide interest and guarantee fee subsidy for up to 3 years.
*Every fiscal year, the procedure for granting interest and guarantee fees will be completed by the end of March.

Lending period

Within 60 months (5 years)
The first 12 months (1 year) can be deferred.

Handling financial institution

Hokkaido Shinkin Bank Niseko Branch

Loan procedure

Niseko Town attach the necessary documents to the application form the Chamber of Commerce was established, Niseko Town please apply to the Chamber of Commerce.
The credit examination will be conducted by the Hokkaido Shinkin Bank Niseko Branch.

[Niseko Town Chamber of Commerce]
〒048-1501 ニセコ町字富士見95 TEL: 0136-44-2214

Niseko Town SME Special Financing Regulations

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