Niseko town agricultural committee list

The agricultural committee members of Niseko town are as follows.
Term of office: July 20, Heisei 20 - July 19, 2022
A seatPositionNameCommittee classificationBy periodDistrict in charge
13ChairmanTakashi ArakiDistrict recommendation3Supervision
9Acting presidentMasuda MasashiDistrict recommendation3Soga Friendship Association (Higashiyama · Takidai)
1A memberKuyato ChiyaNeutral1 
2A memberToshinori OhashiDistrict recommendation1Arisima · Arishima 1 to 3, Motomachi Friendship Association, Yotei, City, Satomi Friendship Association
3A memberKazuhiro OtaDistrict recommendation1Nishitomi, Katsura, Kelp, Mizuho
4A memberSato TadahiNeutral1 
5A memberNasayuki SasazukaDistrict recommendation1Miyata Friendship Association (Kurokawa · Bucheon)
6A memberShuichi HagaAgricultural Cooperative recommend1Soga Friendship Association (Hokuei · Nishiyama)
7A memberToshiki HiramatsuDistrict recommendation3Kondo Friendship Association · Toyosato
8A memberMakiko OkaseNeutral1 
10A memberOsamu NagaiDistrict recommendation2Fukui Friendship Association
11A memberTsuneo YamazakDistrict recommendation2Niseko Friendship Association
12A memberTomomi OhnoMutual aid recommendation1Miyata Friendship Association (Miyata · Kohaoi)

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