Procedure for permission application of Article 3 of the Agricultural Land Act

Article 3 permission application for agricultural land law

If you would like to buy farmland (want to sell), want to borrow (lend) farmland, please contact the Agriculture Committee first.
For agricultural land trading, gifts, loans, etc., permission from the agricultural committee under Article 3 of the Agricultural Land Act is necessary. Please be aware that acts that did not receive this permission will be invalid.
The flow from application to permission is as follows.
1. Consultation about application
2. Fill in the application form, obtain necessary documents
3. Re-confirmation before submitting application
Four. Application submission / reception
Application deadline deadline is on the second Thursday of every month
(Since it may be changed, please confirm with the secretariat in advance.)
Five. Appraisal · field survey of application contents
6. Decision of permission / non-permission at agricultural committee general meeting
The annual meeting date is scheduled to be the fourth Thursday of every month

Article 3 of the agricultural land law Article 3 written permission application form

"Permission to buy and sell agricultural land, gift, lease, etc. (Article 3 of the Agricultural Land Act)" which explained the points of permission and the flow from application to permission in an easy-to-understand manner ", from the perspective of the applicant, the method of concretely filling out the application "Required document list" which comprehensively summarizes the required documents in the application, "Required document check list" that lists the necessary documents for each applicant, "Application form reception at the time of application receipt Announcement "and" License Application Form "are provided at the agricultural committee secretariat.

Setting the standard processing period

Niseko Town Agricultural Committee has set a standard processing period from application
We are striving to improve administrative services through quick administrative procedures.

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