Diversion of Article 4 of the Agricultural Land Act and diversion of Article 5

1. What is diversion of agricultural land

It is to convert agricultural land to land other than agricultural land such as houses and factories etc. building premises, material storage space, parking lot, road channel, mountain forest etc. In addition, it is diverted when you temporarily use it for material placement place or gravel sampling place etc

2. Permission for diversion of agricultural land

Diversion of agricultural land has "diversion of Article 4" not accompanied by movement of agricultural land rights and "diversion of Article 5" involving the transfer of rights of agricultural land, both of which must obtain permission of diversion. Also, if the agricultural land is designated as an agricultural area of ​​the agricultural method, it is also necessary to apply for excluding from that area. (However, it may not be possible to exclude immediately depending on the timing of planning change plan of agricultural maintenance plan)
In our town, diversion below 4 hectares must be approved by Hokkaido Governor by the agricultural committee, diversion exceeding 4 hectares.

3. Flow from application to permission

(1) Consultation on application
(2) Fill in the application form and obtain necessary documents
(3) Application form submission / reception
  • The application deadline is on the second Thursday of every month
(Since it may be changed, please confirm with the secretariat in advance)
(4) Review of application content · Field survey
(5) Advised the Hokkaido agricultural meeting after deliberation at the general meeting of the agricultural committee
  • The annual meeting date is scheduled to be the fourth Thursday of every month
  • The Hokkaido Agricultural Council Permanent Committee Meeting is scheduled to begin in the middle of the following month.
(6) After the report from the Hokkaido agricultural meeting, the president of the agricultural committee approves

Four. Application form

  • Submission of 2 copies of permission application Article 4 of the Agricultural Land Act
  • Submission of 3 copies of License Application Article 5 of the Agricultural Land Act
Note: If you have more than one applicant, add the number of copies
  • Attached document

Five. Setting the standard processing period


6. Penalties for diversion

In case of diversion of agricultural land without permission or diversion as per the business plan concerning diversion permission, we will violate the farm land law, and there are cases where orders such as construction cancellation and restoration of the state are done in some cases . In addition, penalties apply.
  • Violation diversion is up to 3 years imprisonment or fine of 3 million yen or less. A corporation is a fine of not more than 100 million yen
  • Violation of the original state restoration order in violation of diversion is up to 3 years imprisonment or a fine of 3 million yen or less. A corporation is a fine of not more than 100 million yen


農地区分 農地区分の内容Permission standard
・開発にあたって他法令の協議を了していること  など

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