Please manage the farmland properly

About proper management of agricultural land

Year after year, uncultivated agricultural land is becoming more prominent due to the aging of farmers.
Since agricultural land is an important resource for producing food, Article 2-2 of the Agricultural Land Law states that "a person who has ownership or lease of agricultural land or other rights for the purpose of use and profit is the agriculture of the agricultural land. We must ensure the proper and efficient use of the above, "says the responsibilities of those who have the right to farmland.
Idle devastation such as weeds growing on the farmland may adversely affect the surrounding farmland such as fire, illegal dumping, and outbreak of pests.
Also, once the farmland is rough, it takes a lot of effort and money to restore it to its original state.
Agricultural land owners are requested to properly manage the agricultural land, such as cultivating and mowing.

Agricultural land usage survey

Niseko Town Agricultural Committee conducts an annual farmland usage survey in order to understand the usage status of farmland in the town. During the survey, we may enter the farmland or talk to you, but we ask for your understanding and cooperation.


About farmland use intention survey

If it is determined in the farmland use status survey that the farmland is not managed such as mowing and is not expected to be cultivated continuously, a farmland use intention survey will be conducted to confirm the intention of how to use the farmland in the future. To do.
We will send a usage intention survey to those who are eligible, so please submit it to the Niseko Town Agricultural Committee.
Intention to use
1 Use the agricultural land intermediate management business
2 Transfer ownership or set up a renter
3 Cultivate yourself
4 Other
Please select one of them.

After the agricultural land use intention survey

If there is no response to the survey of intention to use, cultivation is not resumed, or if a statement of intention to use other than agriculture is made, the Agricultural Commission may recommend consultation with the Agricultural Land Intermediate Management Organization.
For idle farmland recommended to be recommended, the property tax valuation will be "about 1.8 times".
The recommendation will be withdrawn if proper management is done to resume planting.
If it is withdrawn, the property tax will be lifted from the next fiscal year onward.
In addition, if no discussion is made even after the recommendation is made, the governor decides to set the intermediate management right (rent to the agricultural land intermediate management organization) to the agricultural land intermediate management organization based on the application of the agricultural land intermediate management organization. May occur.

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