To all who apply for status proof

If you need a certificate from the Agricultural Commission for registration of change of land, please pay attention to the following items when applying.

Land that is not covered

(1) Agricultural land in the agricultural land area
(2) Agricultural land less than 10 years after cultivation or use was abandoned
(3) Land that uses agricultural land for purposes other than agricultural land without the permission of the Agricultural Commission
(4) Land less than 3 years after the previous survey
(5) Agricultural land for which provisional registration has been set by a sales contract that is not based on the Agricultural Land Law
(6) Agricultural land that has not been determined to be difficult to regenerate by the Agricultural Land Utilization Survey under Article 30 of the Agricultural Land Law.
(7) Agricultural land subject to the usage intention survey under Article 32 of the Agricultural Land Law

Documents to be submitted

(1) Status proof application form (separate form No. 1) Part 2
(2) Location map of the land required for application
(3) Land registration certificate for application or registration information of Legal Affairs Bureau Internet service
(4) Official drawings provided by the Legal Affairs Bureau or equivalent drawings
(5) Other reference materials

Submission Deadline

The deadline for submission is the 20th of every month.
A field survey will be conducted in the month following the month of acceptance. From October to April, we will not be able to accept field surveys due to snow. However, we can accept consultations.


Field survey fee
1 Non-agricultural land 1 brush 3,000 yen (500 yen is added for each additional brush)
2 Agricultural land conversion 1,000 yen per case
It will be paid in advance. Please note that the fees paid will not be refunded when conducting a field survey, regardless of the results of the survey. The amount may change depending on the conditions. Please contact the Agricultural Commission for details.

Certification fee
1 Non-agricultural land 1 brush 2,000 yen (200 yen is added for each additional brush)
2 Agricultural land conversion 1 brush 500 yen (100 yen is added for each additional brush)

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