~ Developing the future of Niseko ~ Improvement of national emergency agricultural land reorganization project

◆ Niseko Town Agriculture and Current Agriculture

Niseko Town is a rich agricultural area cultivated at the foot of Mt. Yotei and the Niseko Mountain Range, and is engaged in a wide variety of farming operations such as paddy rice, upland vegetables, and dairy farming.
However, the scale of agricultural management is small, there are many slopes and slopes from topographical factors, mixed fields, field divisions are small, productivity is low due to stone gravel, drainage failure, etc.
Due to aging of farmers, an increase in abandoned areas of cultivation, and an increase in land demand for sightseeing and houses (villas etc), it is hindrance to preservation of excellent farmland.
As a promotion policy for regional agriculture, we aim to develop clean agriculture in harmony with the environment, establish high-productivity agriculture, secure workers, and develop new areas of revitalization in cooperation with agriculture and tourism.
Current farmland

◆ History of Niseko District

National emergency agricultural land restructuring road to development projects Niseko area is construction is long, over a period of 3 months years from 2007, Niseko Town performs a regional development direction consider investigation Niseko area to investigate the current state of agriculture, Niseko Town in agriculture The Niseko district is being surveyed in four years from 2010, as a detailed survey for the project, by organizing issues and verifying the necessity of the project.
In 2014, the project was started as a state-owned emergency farmland reorganization maintenance project Niseko district, and the foundation maintenance of farmland for the future of agriculture in Niseko Town has started.

Regional Development Direction Investigation Survey (Agricultural Land Reorganization) Niseko Area 2007-2009 3 years
National Emergency Farmland Restructuring and Development Project District Survey Niseko District 2010-2013 4 years
National emergency farmland reorganization project Niseko area 2014-Reiwa 9 years 14 years (planned)
District progress

◆ Progress of maintenance

Change in area

◆ Effects and status of maintenance

In maintenance of rice paddies there were many small fields before maintenance, the efficiency of agricultural work was bad, but after servicing the maintenance of the small field greatly reduced the number of fields and the efficiency of agricultural work is getting better.
In maintenance of the field, the shapes of the fields were irregular and the inclination was tightened before the maintenance, which had hindered the farm work, but after the maintenance the shape of the field was shaped, the slope became loose and the farming work It is becoming easy to do.
Maintenance comparison

◆ Maintenance area of ​​this fiscal year

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◆ History

In the Niseko area we have divided the survey section and the project implementation section by the progress of the past events and the movement of the period.
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◆ Activities of the Reunification

As an activity of the reunion, we are doing a central request and training outside observation training.
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