About direct payment system efforts such as inter-mountainous areas

In Niseko town, farming utilizing "direct payment system such as Zhongshan area etc." is done in three agricultural settlements.
This system is a cultivation that supplements the disparity in agricultural production conditions with farmers who cultivate in farming areas by granting grants to farmers and villages cultivated under unfavorable conditions of steeply sloping paddy fields (grading 5% or more) It is a system of the country aiming at.
In the village, in addition to efforts to protect the rural environment such as repair of farm roads, weeding of waterways, legal mowing, flower bed building etc. through the discussion of the project participants, we carry out business leading to the maintenance and development of regional agriculture, I am using it.
Cultivating agricultural land on sloping land brings about various effects such as not only production of agricultural produce but also prevention of flooding and earth erosion.
However, since such land is less agricultural land with lower working efficiency and inferior productivity than the flat area, the occurrence of abandoned cultivation and the excellent function of farmland are easily lost.
Therefore, in this system, it is aimed at supporting such disadvantaged areas and to protect the excellent functions of agricultural land.
In Niseko town, we began utilizing this system from FY 2000, and we are working as a countermeasure for the fourth term for five years from FY2005 to FY2001.

Business outline of Heisei 30

We will announce the business outline of Heisei 30 fiscal year.
SettlementNiseko districtKombu areaMizuho district
Classification of target agricultural landSteep rice paddySteep rice paddySteep rice paddy
Area of ​​target agricultural land10.45 ha31.97 ha4.95 ha
Number of participants in the village agreement16 peopleFive people4 people
Total grant amount2,195,403 yen¥ 6,713,9941,039,584 yen
Of those cooperative efforts1,105,403 yen2,014,094 yen¥ 539,584
Individual allocation1,090,000 yen4,699,900 yen500,000 yen
  • This summary is announced based on the direct payment grant implementation guidelines such as Hokkaido inter-mountains area.

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