Introduction of local farm products direct sales office

Niseko Town, about 150 farmers produce various agricultural products such as paddy rice and potatoes.
Agricultural products harvested in the town are shipped to various parts of the province as well as in Hokkaido, and many people have enjoyed it.
Also you can buy fresh agricultural products even in town.
Because we sell seasonal vegetables, please note that depending on the facility, it is closed only during the summer season and closed during the winter season, so please visit when you visit.
In addition, it is not enough to grasp the individual's direct sales place (Spring asparagus, wild vegetable, summer eames, tomato etc) that opens in front of the entrance of the farmer seasonally because it is fluid. Please be aware that it is fun when you move around.

Niseko Town main agricultural products direct sales office located in the

Niseko View Plaza Farmer's Market

  • Address Niseko Town 77 Motomoto 10 (inside the roadside station)
  • 電話・FAX 0136-44-3433
  • Opening period All year business (year-end and New Year holidays closed, opening hours changed depending on the period)
Niseko Town 60 farms within is by vegetables direct sale place.
A farmer's market with lots of fresh vegetables in the morning! Niseko's vegetables with a hot and cold morning and evening difference are reputed as sweet and delicious.
A special POS system where sales information arrives at the producer terminal at a specified time always fresh vegetables are lining up in the shop.
There are also unusual Western vegetables that are unique to the direct sales place.

Satomi district "direct viewing place with face"

Address Niseko Town character Satomi 67-4
電話 0136-44-3179 (出店者:岩崎さん宅)
Business Period From late April to early November (slightly changed according to year and ends in 11/6 in 2011)
A direct sales place established in the community community center (meeting facilities) facing National Highway No. 5. Here, farmers in the district sell fresh agricultural products at their own booth.
Location, Niseko Town has moved from the city to the west "Niseko Town near Miyata view point parking". If the weather is nice, you can also enjoy views of Mt. Yotei and the Niseko Mountain Range.

Niseko vegetable cultivar 'S

  • Address Niseko Town Character 888-1 Soga 1 (in Niseko Milk Kobo premises)
  • 電話番号・FAX番号 0136-44-1766
  • Business period May - Early November (slightly changed according to year and ended in 11/6 in 2011)
Niseko Town in the ski area, direct sales offices in the milk studio's site.
In the area at the foot of Niseko Annupuri, many vegetables such as potatoes, pulses such as potatoes, pumpkins, and corn are produced.
In this direct sales place, local farmers sell fresh agricultural products making use of the land pattern.

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