About grant support for agricultural mountain fishing village activation project

In Niseko Town, the three towns have jointly created an activation plan with Kutchan-cho and Rankoshi-cho, where the district is located, in order to promote the collection and storage of rice.
The content of this plan will be announced under the provisions of Article 5, paragraph 11 of the "Act on Promotion of Settlement and Others for Revitalizing Agricultural and Mountainous Fishing Villages and Regional Exchange".

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The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MOF) promoted regional exchanges, etc. in agricultural and mountainous fishing villages and farm village fishing villages with cities in 2007, and in order to revitalize, "Settlement etc. for revitalizing farming mountain fishing villages and areas Law on Promotion of Interchange "and supports local governments conducting business through grants, etc. of agricultural and mountain fishing village revitalization projects.
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