About owner notification system of forest

Thanks to the revision of the Forestry Law in April 2011, those who became owners of forest land after April 2012 were obliged to report to the municipal village afterwards.

Subject to notification

Regardless of individuals or corporations, those who newly acquire land of forests through inheritance, gift, merger of corporations, etc. in addition to sales contracts must make a notification regardless of the area.

Notification period

Please make a notification to the municipality in which you acquired the land within 90 days from the day you become the owner of the land.

Notification matter

  • The address and name (name in the case of a corporation, the name of the representative) of the notifying party and the former owner
  • Date when you became the owner
  • Cause of ownership transfer
  • Location, area, usage etc. of the land
(For the above, please describe in 'Forest land owner notification form'.)

Other attached documents

  • Documents for which it is found that the registration certificate (copyable), or land sale contract, catalog of inheritance split consultation, copies of land and other rights acquired
  • Drawings showing the location of the land (Please enter a rough position on any drawing)

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