Central housing complex

Apartment nameCentral housing complex
CategoryPublic housing
Street addressChuetsu 103 - 104 - 5 - 105 - 7 - 137 - 32 - 142 - 3
Number of buildings6
Number of units48
FacilityChildren's park, playground equipment, parking space available
Although there is a slight distance from the urban area, although the main convenience facilities need to travel to the city area, it is adjacent to JR Niseko Station, and the convenience of public transportation is excellent.
Building numberYear of ConstructionConstructionNumber of buildingsFloorsBy typeBathToiletHot water supply
1Showa 59Simple refractory construction423LDKYPlumbingY
2昭和60年Simple refractory construction823LDKYPlumbingY
31986Simple refractory construction423LDKYPlumbingY
4Heisei first yearSimple refractory construction823LDKYPlumbingY
5Heisei 2Middle fireproof structure1233LDKYPlumbingNothing
6Heisei 2Middle fireproof structure1233LDKYPlumbingNothing

Buildings 1 - 3

Building No. 4

Buildings 5 ​​- 6

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