Sheep Complex

Apartment nameSheep Complex
CategoryPublic housing
Street addressArisima 3-9 · 3-53 · 3-54
Number of buildings8
Number of units72
FacilityGathering room, children's playground, playground equipment, parking space available (partly none)
Although it is located at the boundary of the urban area, although the living convenience is inferior, a good housing environment of the enclosure method centered on the childhood amusement park and meeting place is formed.
Building numberYear of ConstructionConstructionNumber of unitsFloorsBy typeBathToiletHot water supply
AHeisei 3Middle fireproof structure1233LDKYPlumbingNothing
BHeisei 1992Middle fireproof structure1233LDKYPlumbingNothing
CHeisei 1992Middle fireproof structure633LDKYPlumbingNothing
DHeisei 1992Middle fireproof structure633LDKYPlumbingNothing
EHeisei 1992Middle fireproof structure1233LDKYPlumbingNothing
FHeisei 5Middle fireproof structure1233LDKYPlumbingNothing
GHeisei 1992Middle fireproof structure633 LDK (3) / 2 LDK (3)YPlumbingNothing
HHeisei 1992Middle fireproof structure633 LDK (3) / 2 LDK (3)YPlumbingNothing


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