Mt. Yotei Fire Association Fire Station Niseko Branch New Government Building Construction

We push forward approach for new firefighting agency building construction

Current Fire Department Building
The current Niseko branch office building was built in July 1976 as a reinforced concrete building with two floors above ground and a one-story penthouse.
Up to now, we have been working on appropriate maintenance and management while carrying out renovation work and repairs, but 47 years have passed since construction, and it is dilapidated. In addition, since the building was constructed before June 1981, when the Building Standards Act was revised, and was built according to the old earthquake resistance standards, there is a risk that it will not be able to fully fulfill its role as a disaster prevention facility in the event of a large-scale earthquake.
Based on this situation, we will proceed with the construction of the new government building by sorting out and considering the functions and scale required for the new government building, and the ideal government building we are aiming for.

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