Regarding the implementation of public proposals regarding the selection of construction work preferential negotiation rights holders for the construction of a new fire department building.

Fire department building plan
Niseko Town is proceeding with efforts to construct a new fire department building using national financial support due to reasons such as the lack of seismic strength of the current fire department building due to old earthquake resistance standards and aging.
In preparation for the construction of a new fire department building, we are seeking to build a new fire department building that meets the basic requirements, so by incorporating the superior technology and experience of the construction company from the detailed design stage, we will be able to reduce costs and shorten the construction period. We will adopt the "Technical Cooperation Negotiation Method (ECI method)," which is expected to shorten the time required for ordering, and will conduct an open call for proposals in order to select those with preferential negotiation rights for construction contractors.

Public proposal announcement

Proposal Call for Proposals Guidelines

About creating a proposal participation statement

Q&A period

Questions regarding the procedures for announcing proposal participation will be accepted during the following period.
In addition, please submit any questions using the "Question and Answer Form" below.

〇2023 (2023) December 27 (Wednesday) ~ January 12 (Friday) Reiwa 6 (2024)


Period for accepting proposal participation statements

The acceptance period for proposal participation statements is as follows.

YesFrom Tuesday, January 16, 2024 to Tuesday, January 23, 2024 from 8:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.(Excluding holidays.)

Submission method/submitted documents

〇How to submit
Please submit by e-mail to the secretariat's e-mail address. Also, please attach the submitted documents in PDF format.

〇Documents to be submitted
Please attach the required documents to the form for creating a statement of participation and submit it.
For other details such as format, appearance, number of copies, etc., please refer to the instructions for preparing a declaration of participation.
Please download the ZIP file below and create the form.
(If you are unable to download the ZIP file, please contact the office below.)

A. Participation statement
B Participation eligibility confirmation application form
C. Documents related to qualification confirmation
D.Other documents as necessary

Regarding confirmation results of participation eligibility

Confirmation results of participation eligibility will be notified to each participant who has declared their participation.Until Tuesday, January 30, 2024We will notify you by email and mail.
*Proposal procedures will be carried out even if there is only one company that has announced its participation.

In addition, the method for creating a technical proposal (including forms) and the materials necessary for creating it will be provided to those who pass the eligibility screening for this proposal.


For inquiries regarding this proposal, please contact us below.

Niseko Town Hall General Affairs Division Fire Department Building Maintenance Coordination Section (Person in charge: Konishi)
Email address: s-chosha□ (Please change □ to @.)






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